God Empowered Wife

God Empowered Wife

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How does a wife follow a husband who isn't leading?

One of the deepest desires of Christian wives is the longing for their husbands to be the loving, godly leaders of the family God intended. It's a yearning made all the more painful by private doubts, as their husbands--who are so often charming and cheerful in public--become withdrawn or self-absorbed at home, more interested in anything but spending quality time together.

The God Empowered Wife is a study for strong, independent women who want to understand how they may be hindering the work God wants to do in their husband's heart. Through the practical, modern application of biblical principles, wives will learn to use their courage and intelligence to work with God and watch indifferent marriages come to loving and joyful life.

Readers say:
"I felt like you had been looking in our windows and were writing about MY marriage!"

"I'm so thankful at how this book helped me bring my faith into the most difficult challenges of my life."

"I tried one little thing with my husband n a phone conversation this afternoon and I could hear the warmth and response and appreciation in his voice over the phone." 

"This is the one book I would give every wife, no matter how good her marriage seemed to be."

"Simple, easy, fun. Yet, it has completely changed my life!"

"I can't believe the changes in my marriage--they are miraculous and beyond my expectation."

"I had no idea how bossy I was!!"

"Things are so different now. Why hadn't anyone taught me this before?"

Also available in Spanish as, "La Esposa Fortalecida for Dios."  

Coming in Swahili, Chinese, Arabic, and Portuguese.