About Karen

          Having come of age during a time when feminism, the sexual revolution, and New Age philosophies were permeating every aspect of American culture, Karen did not realize that her avid pursuit of psychology, Eastern mysticism, and spiritualism was at odds with her love of God. Even after becoming a believer, she still did not see it. Only when she began receiving training in biblical counseling in 2004 did she realized the contradiction. If God's Word was true and sufficient, then only that which agreed with His Word could stand. 
          After becoming ACBC certified in 2007, Karen began to travel around the world teaching the precepts of biblical counseling and writing easily readable books that would help people apply those precepts to their lives.  
          Her first book, The God Empowered Wife, is a personal testimony and a handbook for today's wives. Filled with examples of the practical application of biblical truth, it has played a role in the restoration of marriages in over a dozen countries and has been translated into Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Chinese. 
          Karen's second book, "Discerning Idols," has been described as a layperson's biblical counseling conference in a book. It includes instruction in biblical counseling as well as over fifty case studies from her own counseling ministry, covering everything from the most mundane to the most tragic situations.
          Her third book, "Maura" is the true story of how one woman, whose husband had just announced his intentions to divorce, struggled to understand how to please God.  There is no other counseling book on the market today like this one, comprised entirely of the counselee's and counselor's own words. This enables the reader to follow along as Maura embraces truth, rebels, takes several steps forward, and slips back. It is amazing to see how clearly her words reflect what is unfolding in her heart.
         Over the years, Karen has shared the practical application of God's Word across the world, from megachurches in the US to bush churches in Zambia; from UN refugee camps and slums in Kenya and prisons in Uganda, to city churches in Australia and the Philippines, from house churches in India to suburban churches across Europe. If you would like to have Karen speak at your church, please fill out the contact form found here, or email her at kbhaught@godempowered.com.