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Beloved by audiences for her transparent honesty, Karen presents God's truth with practical humor and sensitivity. Each presentation can be crafted as a keynote, a workshop, a multi-day conference, retreat, or intensive training. Audience demographics, attendees' level of faith, and your organization's goals for the event are taken into consideration.  As time allows, live demonstrations and audience participation are included to enhance relevance and memorability.  

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About Karen

TOPICS: Choose from one or more of the following popular topics, or suggest your own. Almost all of the topics can be presented in a generalized form or made specific to a particular set of issues or topic.

Guard Your Heart – Idolatrous desires ensnare our hearts, and cause destruction in our lives . . . even those desires that sound godly and good. Learn how to recognize the symptoms of idolatry and distinguish clearly between a desire and an idol. You will leave with a deeper understanding of the theology of heart idolatry and know how to respond when it is identified. A second session would cover helping others biblically, using concepts of heart idolatry. As time allows, actual case studies and volunteer participation will be included. For all audiences.

Wrestling with God – In the most difficult times of our lives, trusting God can feel like walking on the edge of a cliff. Explore the theology behind the struggle to trust God with the most precious areas of our heart, and why truly seeking to please Him is one of most frightening steps of spiritual growth. As time allows, real life examples and discussion of problems offered by the audience will be discussed. For all audiences.

Art of the Awkward Silence – If we are to let our words be few when approaching God, surely we are to do the same when communicating with human beings. Audience participation and live demonstrations prove the power of leaving room for God in confrontations and conversations. For all audiences.

Out of the Darkness -Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts are an epidemic among Christian women in their 20’s – 30’s. What are the causes, how do we define these emotions, and how can we face them with freedom and godliness, rather than fear? For women only.

Navigating Difficult Relationships – Learn how to interact with difficult people and navigate challenging relationships, without tears or anger. This presentation is especially effective around the holiday season and can be delivered as a humorous keynote, a serious workshop, or an in-depth healing course.For all audiences. 

Influencing a Child for Christ -  Raise your children to have a heart for God, without slipping into legalistic behavioralism and other common errors. This class is full of specific ideas for parents of young children and grandparents whose grandchildren may not be exposed to the Gospel otherwise. For believing parents and grandparents of young children. 

God Empowered Wife - Do you wish your husband would take more leadership, but afraid he won't lead well? This class explores the cultural and theological dynamics active in marriage today and demonstrates several easy tools for giving a husband room to grow in leadership. Enjoy seeing God's plan for your marriage bear fruit as you test His faithfulness in this area, without reverting to old-fashioned doormat submission. Humorous live demonstrations and audience participation. For all married women. 

Rethinking Journaling - Is journaling always beneficial? Learn to tell the difference between beneficial and harmful reflection, explore other types of writing exercises, then put what you learn into practice regarding a specific situation in your life. Best as workshop. For all audiences.

Clean Hands, Pure Heart – Does it seem God isn’t hearing your prayers? Learn how to pray biblically, by first making sure your heart is pure, then praying in a way that draws your mind toward godliness rather than fear, frustration, or worry. For all audiences. 

Trust in the Lord with All Your Heart – An exposition on the practical application of Proverbs 3:5-6, including the basic principles of heart examination and idolatry. Presented systematically. For all audiences.

Reaching People with the Truth when They Need It Most - People are most receptive to God's Truth when they are hurting. This training class, drawn from Karen's twelve years of counseling others biblically, will help you learn how to walk with people and point them to Christ in all life's circumstances. Best as day-long training. For mature believers.

Foundations of Biblical Counseling - Learn the history and importance of biblical counseling, gain a grasp of the core concepts, and how to apply them to the trials of everyday life. 

Practicum on the Foundation of Biblical Counseling - Observe a mock counseling and engage in practice counseling with Karen offering guidance, feedback, and suggestions.


FEES: Fees are dependent on distance from Houston, TX, anticipated audience size and length of event, whether or not you are charging for the event, whether or not you want to include a book with attendance, size of church, and consideration of your budget. 

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