Addiction Resources and Helps

The following links to Gospel-centered addiction resources are provided as a means of helping you start your search for the right program. Being listed here does not constitute a recommendation.

1. Residential Treatment Programs

     Vision of Hope

     The Addiction Connection 

     Home of Grace (long term, all types)

     Redemption House (substance)

     The Refuge (12 months, substance)

     Pure Life Ministries (sexual, pornography)

2. Non-Residential Treatment or Programs

      The Addiction Connection 

      Hope for Glasgow (substance)

      Harvest USA (sexual)

      Addictions Victorious (substance)

      Pure Life Ministries (sexual, pornography)

3. Books by Mark Shaw

     The Addiction Connection Store

     "The Heart of Addiction" by Mark Shaw (Amazon)

4. Teaching churches how to disciple members with addictions

     Hope for Addiction

     Rise Above Ministries