I really needed this.

I didn't realize quite how poorly I was doing in the submission department until I read God Empowered Wife. I took 4-5 weeks with it, thinking through each time I read, and tried to act upon the challenges you presented. It was definitely challenging! Giving my husband moments of leadership and practicing submission wasn't always easy, especially as we are starting the process of building a house together! But really, what better time to do this? And it really is freeing, and wonderful, to see how it is changing not only me but him too!

He is really becoming a more confident leader as he sees my trust and submission lived out in a fuller and more meaningful way. It was easy before to grumble and complain but add at the end "but of course I know you are my leader and whatever you say goes, BUT you know that God intends for you to love me as Christ loves the church, and that means He probably thinks you should be doing it my way more than your own" (yes, I actually said that) Our discussions are a lot more productive now, our disagreements are fewer, and yet I somehow feel more loved, respected, and fullfilled than I ever did before. Somehow saying "God says you are the leader of this family, so yes, definitely, we can do it that way." then letting him seek out my council if he wants/needs it but not pushing it on him or being forceful...well...it feels GOOD! most of the time.. wink emoticon. I should add, My bff  tried to get me to read this about a year or so ago when I REALLY needed it, but I wouldn't even consider it, boy, I really should have listened! Imagine what I have missed out on in the last year! Thanks to her for suggesting it . . . sorry I didn't listen at the time!



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