Helpful Exam Links

The following helps are valuable for test completion. 

Brief Introductory help to taking the exams, by Keith Palmer

ACBC Exam questions and templates from the ACBC website 

     Counseling Exam Helps

           Counseling Exam helps by question (CBCD audio) by Keith Palmer

           Counseling Exam Guide by question, by Keith Palmer

           Counseling Exam Helps by question, by Faith Lafayette (6 "Student Notes" PDF's  at $1.95 each.

      Theology Exam Helps

          Theology Exam Helps by question (CBCD audio) by Keith Palmer

          Theology Exam Guide by question, (CBCD) by Keith Palmer 

          Theology Exam Helps by question, by Faith Lafayette  (7 "Student Notes" PDF's at $1.95 each

       An Exam Course

          Lowcountry Biblical Counseling offers a course that helps you complete both exams, with online Q&A and samples $160