Worth the Wait: Testimonies of Sexual Purity, Part 2

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June 28, 2013 [Sexual Purity, Your Letters] Here are some more of your letters testifying about the joys of sexual purity.

Karen, My husband and I were virgins until marriage but it was not without great temptation towards the end of our engagement. In fact, we often tell others who are wanting to wait that once they decide to get married the engagement should be no longer than 6 months if possible (unless you can live FAR away from each other).  However, we did make it and it has been well worth it. Even from the beginning of our marriage our intimate times have been very comfortable, no worries of being compared to another and we know pretty much how to communicate our needs. There are still some insecurities as our bodies have changed over the years and the ups and downs of libidos but those insecurities are able to be overcome as we work together in our marriage.  This is a precious gift that we cherish. Our physical relationship is a joyous secret shared and experienced only by my husband and I.  A great benefit of being virgins and keeping the sexual relationship private is that it stops the enemy from infiltrating the relationship with thoughts such as doubts and insecurities. My husband has not been with anyone else, so therefore I don’t have to worry about how I might or might not measure up.  There is great freedom in this. How I wish that young Christians today could understand this simple thing…that to wait is worth it!  Today’s society is all about instant gratification and our media is so highly sexualized that we have become desensitized.  Let’s keep encouraging one another to swim against the tide and experience the freedom that comes with a life lived in step with God’s word. – Tiffanie

Hi Karen, Our story is this…My husband lost his virginity when he was around 15 and then subsequently had sex with a few girls before he became a Christian. I saved myself and never even kissed anyone before I met him. We didn’t sleep with each other before we got married, however we did cross a lot of boundaries together before we got married and gosh–how that tainted me. 


 If I could do anything again – its COMPLETELY saving even passionate kissing for ONLY MARRIAGE. That sounds completely extreme – but how special it would have been. For months after – I really struggled in my walk with the Lord as I felt so much shame before him every time I prayed or worshiped as I felt that he knew all the stuff I did before getting married and I just felt like I had let the Lord down. The turning point came when I really got down in prayer one day and just asked the Lord to forgive me (even though at this point I was married).. and really had the revelation of the Lord’s grace and forgiveness… and yeah it was not the right thing to do – however… the Lord’s love is so much greater and covers a multitude of sins and I just from then on have walked in his forgiveness and repentance. However, – I believe there is a REAL GODLY Blessing in the area of sexuality when both partners wait. I know my parent’s both waited and my mom and dad thrive in this area and she puts it down to the fact that they left all the curiosity for what it was going to be like for after the wedding and not falling into temptation with reading a billion books to prep them for the lead up etc…. ! Diane

Karen, My husband of 11.5 years and I were both virgins on our wedding day.  We are now the parents of 7 children 😉  – Becca


Karen, Both my husband and I were virgins when we married, I am 39 and he is 31 and we have been married 5 years.  I still find it wonderful and amazing as we both have histories before we were saved of being well and truly in the drinking/drugs party style of the world.  However, the Lord put a shield around us both and somehow (even though we both did our best to put ourselves in very tempting circumstances) neither of us ever went that far with our respective boy/girl friends.  I don’t know why God protected both of us, it is very humbling.  Especially when I think of how we both pushed the boundaries so many times!  (I don’t mean with each other, I mean before we both were saved).  I do know though, that I hope the work that God is doing in our marriage, and the way we are developing as a couple, will be a light in this world of broken marriages and families.  And also that we may be able to speak into people’s lives and help them see what they may be missing out on if they do rush things or take things into their own hands. – Natalie

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