“Wood for the Fire”

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http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-fireplace-image28685903 April 18, 2013  [Your Letters, GEWife, Marriage]
Dear Karen, This is a little, somewhat humorous testimony of how God started to show me that this idol of the heart thing from the God Empowered Wife course about God’s Word really works. Although it is seemingly such a minor thing, the experience gave me faith that led to me confessing other idols in my heart and resulted in dramatic changes in other areas of our life. Through this one little thing I gained the confidence to trust God with those other, bigger things and miraculous things have started happening . . .

Anyway, we live in the hills of Perth, Australia and have, now that we moved here a few years ago, a log fire for heating. It was a new challenge for my husband to have to start ensuring a wood supply for us. I like to keep the house neat and clean, and mostly, my husband supports this by tidying up after himself. But after 3 years in the house he continually left chopping enough wood for the winter until the winter itself, so the wood was wet when we needed it and he was busy every week or even every other day chopping wood. THEN – he would bring the wet wood inside and sit it around the fireplace to dry so that we could use it!
You can imagine this was very messy! I was so frustrated and annoyed!! And of course I nagged, criticized and complained!! The course showed me I was very un-God Empowered about it all!

In fact – your counselling showed me that my tidy fireplace had become and idol. I was saying to myself… “If only my husband would chop heaps of wood in summer and not dry it by the fireplace I would be happy!” So, I confessed the “idol of my tidy fireplace” to God. Yes it does sound funny! But you were right! Instead I prayed, “Dear God, you know I really want to have a nice tidy fireplace and I wish my husband would chop wood in summer so he wouldn’t have to be chopping wood every couple of days and risk us always running out. I give this issue to you and choose to let it go” In Jesus name amen”

Remember this had been going on for 3 years!! It was really difficult, but every time for a while after that, when I felt like nagging and complaining to my husband about the wood drying around the fireplace, or having to ask him to chop more wood, I bit my tongue and repeated the prayer above. After-all the Holy Spirit would be telling him every time he had to chop wood in the wet and cold that he should have done it in summer. But now I was giving room for him to hear in his head from God (and common sense!!) instead of from the voice of his nagging wife!!

Only a week or maybe a few days later we were in the lounge room and I couldn’t help it – the wood was all around the fireplace and we had guests coming on the weekend! So I said to him… “Honey, I know you need to dry the wood but it makes it really difficult for me to keep the fireplace clean when you keep drying it like this, I had just cleaned it and we have guests coming on the weekend.” The big difference was, I believe, I said this with a completely different heart–like you said, it is the heart that is the thing–and I knew if he still kept doing it I would have the peace to live with it. At least when we didn’t have guests in the house ;).

For once, instead of getting annoyed with me, he mumbled a little under his breath and said he understood. Immediately and for the rest of that winter he sat the logs along under the veranda to dry. Still messy. But at least it was not around my ‘precious’ (ha ha) fireplace. (I then had to confess the idol of my tidy veranda (funny – but true!!). However, it was far far better than a messy fireplace.

And by the way, this summer he has been gathering wood like a conscientious squirrel preparing a huge wood pile for the winter ahead. Wow! God is amazing!

Love, Candace

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