Women Love and Hurt the Same

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October 19, 2012

Dear Sister KarenI hope you are well with your family; I am doing fine though very busy. I promised you that I will be sending some testimonies. It has taken long because I have been translating and putting everything together, since most of the women they use their mother tongue and Swahili. The women are enjoying the teachings and most of them don’t want to miss, some have decided to go with me around the five churches, which is good because they get deeper and deeper. Though on the other side it is a sacrifice because one church is far from another.  Here are some of the testimonies:

  1. 1. JANE IRENE  I’ve been treating my husband so badly, in order to get what I want. I force him to be a loving and caring husband, and that is what I always tell him. After attending the lessons several times, I learned that have been doing this for selfish desires. The teachings touched my heart, I felt so bad, that I couldn’t stop my tears because of what have been doing not only to my husband but also to God. I pray that God will forgive and help me to do what it takes to please Him not self. (click to read more testimonies from Africa)
  1. ANNA  Have been having an idol in my heart for several years, My husband had an affair with another woman for two years, later on, he stop and got saved. I have carrying bitterness in my heart, which makes me angry every time. Whenever we have financial problem I blame him for spending a lot of money for immoral behavior. God’s spirit has been teaching, my desire was to have a loving and caring husband to be happy which has been on idol. With all those struggle nothing has changed. Now I always seek to please God not my own desires and things are changing – thanks Constance for such teachings. God bless you
  1. ELIZABETH My husband is a kind of a person who talks a lot in public, at home he just keep quiet. Sometimes I force him to talk, which I have learned that I should not force my husband for anything. My desires was to have a talkative husband, though some it may seem as a small issues but to me it has been a big issue. Truly this has been an idol in my heart. According to the teaching any desire for my happiness is an idol and it is self – pleasing. God help me to please only YOU.
  1. MARY Have not been giving my husband a moment of leadership, on my side I saw I can do everything in my control including him. I thought doing this will make him happy and has been self – pleasing not God – pleasing. Since I started applying the teachings, my behavior has changed; my happiness is in God I will continue to trust him. Thanks for the teaching; it is what I needed trust him.
  1. BENTA The teachings are very beneficial to me. I always saw my husband as a weak man, and he could not lead because I saw I was stronger than him. When I started applying God empowered teachings I realize this is wrong, instead of undermining him I should help him to become godly leader by giving him a moment of leadership. The teachings have helped me a lot. This is what I was lacking, pleasing God.
  1. LORNA I decide to attend this teaching, though I am old and a widow, I didn’t know the plans God had for me. I know he was preparing me to help other women. I have a neighbor who came to me crying that her husband was not caring; he’s not taking responsibilities as a man. She said, “I am planning to divorce him”. I told her anything you desire for your happiness is an idol in your heart and you don’t please God but self – she kept quiet and left. The next day she came appreciating for such encouragement; because God talked to her heart and she recognized her idol of pleasing self. If I could say the teachings are just for the married women how could I help this lady? The teachings are great help to me. Thanks a lot.
  1. RUTH  My husband works in Nairobi, though he comes home “up country” often his behavior has caused a lot of pain in my heart. It came to my surprise that he has been having an affair with a woman where he works. To make the matter worse they have a baby.  So whenever he comes home I have no Peace in my heart. I always tell him any abusive words and call him names. Though he provide for the family, to me I just see it has nothing comparing to what he has done to me. A friend invited me to attend the teachings. I learned that I have left pain to stay in my heart for so long seeking to please self, than to please God. This has broken my faith and peace, and it has broken my relationship with God. I should honour God through my husband. Thanks Constance you can’t imagine what God has done to my heart and how sorry I am. God bless you.
  1. MARGARET  My husband is a drunkard. He drinks almost every day I have been working so hard to change his behavior but nothing seem to change. It is my responsibility to provide for the family, one day I decided to buy a cow so that it can produce milk for the family, after few months., I fell sick and was admitted to hospital for one week, when I came back the cow was no – where to be found, he sold it and spend the money drinking. I was very angry because I was doing my best and I needed my husband to recognize and respect me for what I have been doing. I have living with this pain for so long. When I attended the teachings, I learned that anything I deserve for my happiness is an idol. Be it recognition or respect (After all I have done, I deserve . . . ). I will not work so hard on pleasing self but God. Thanks.
  1. EDELINE I have been working hard to change my husband’s behavior, but nothing has changed it has caused me a lot of sorrows than joy and without peace. Most of the time I’ve been nagging and shouting but no success, I have been living in a life of pleasing self instead pleasing God. After attending the lesson, now I have the peace of God, the teachings has changed my behavior. I realize that it is only God who can change my husband’s behavior not me, I have to trust and believe God and let Him talk to the heart of my husband. Thanks for the teachings. God Bless you.
  1. MAXMILLA For many years, I have been pushing my husband to do whatever I thought was good to me and the family, I did this to make my family live in happiness. Whenever he failed to do anything I wanted and the way I wanted it to be done, I took everything under my control. I didn’t give him opportunity to lead. After the lessons; I learned that I have been leading my husband instead of following him. I have started giving my husband a moment of leadership instead of working very hard to please my own desires. Thanks. God bless you.
  1. ROSE  The teachings came at the right time; I was planning to leave my husband secretly to go and work as a house help in Nairobi, funny enough, I had taken some of my clothing to a neighboring friend, the reasons was that my husband is poor and my desire was to have a rich husband. I was to leave him because after staying with him for 8 years, there was no sign of him becoming rich. When you taught that anything you desire to be happy, to be rich, or to have a rich and responsible husband is an Idol .I saw myself in the picture and God talked to my heart I started shading tears because of   what I was planning to do. I realized my desires will lead me nowhere but to destruction. I took my clothing back to the house, trusting and believing God and I know He will change every situation in our lives. Thanks, Love you.
  1. SUSANA For the last 5 years, things have been so difficult; this has caused me a lot of pain. I didn’t know it was an idol in my heart until when God sent you here few months ago. I’ve been attending the lesson every month, Something I don’t want to miss. I have been a business woman for many Years. My husband was working as a clerk. It was not long, he was fired from work. I took all the responsibility for the family .I’ve been traveling a lot to different places to buy and sell goods .This caused me to hire a house help. My husband couldn’t look for another work to do because everything was in control. I talked to him if he could help in selling the goods and he agreed. I don’t know if it was a good decision because that is where my pain started. My house help started behaving strange. I decided to send her a way, the thing which my husband was not happy about. He told me he will be sometime be staying at the work place because there was theft in the area. He avoided me from entering the shop .To my surprise when I forced myself in I found my former house help. She had moved in two days ago .I left everything to them and I moved to another shop. After few months, the girl stole everything nothing was left .The next step was for him to come back home he could not face our children because of shame. I took him in though it has not been easy for me to forgive him, though he always beg for forgiveness. Instead of forgiving him, to please God, this has been my weapon, every time he annoys me, I use it for my selfish desires and think I will have peace or be happy but it only last for few minutes.  Thanks Constance for such encouraging teachings. God sent you here with a purpose though everything is gone am left with nothing but only struggling with life. I have to please God through my husband not justifying self and working hard on my own desires or judging him for the sin he committed .I will trust God because He is able to change the situation according to His will, now I have the peace of God in my heart.


I wish you all the best. God bless you so much








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