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May 18, 2012  – Welcome to the redesigned God Empowered website which has just gone live with the latest update. We are still tweaking some things–and it’s still rather empty in some areas, but it will be growing each day. If you subscribe to blog updates, you’ll know when I publish new testimonies. We’re still linking things, but I have secured @GodEmpowered twitter (thanks to some kind people in Sydney who released it to me) so you can follow there as well. This is the fourth version of my website to date. (Scroll down to see the home pages of earlier versions!)









The first website went live in 2006-7, with the second iteration following in January 2008 to announce the release of “The God Empowered Wife.” The third version went live in 2009, designed by Jerry Cooley of Houston who is, by the way, responsible also for thinking of the title “God Empowered Wife,” designing the cover of the book, and the logo . . . as well as being a friend and fan. Susan Brodnax of Los Angeles is the brain behind this latest website, and she has been working hard to make it easier for me to encourage and support you in your desire to please God.


God Empowered is now a registered trademark.

We have expanded printing and distribution to the US, UK, Europe, the Philippines, and Australia, and all products are available electronically as well.

New Products: The God Empowered Wife seminar (including Idols of the Heart) 3 CD series is available on iTunes and Amazon music. A CD and DVD version is being released soon.

Coming Products: The Idols of the Heart book is progressing to completion, as well as an amazing case study. A second volume of GEW is planned for 2013 dealing with marital crisis. I’m very excited about a GE Parenting book I’ll be releasing in 2013 or 14, co-authored with two of my long-time GEWives and their families, Jen Blackmon and Brandie Lucas.

International News: The book is gaining quite a bit of attention in Australia and continuing to grow in purchases in the USA as well. Marien Parra is reviewing the Spanish translation that was lovingly translated by eight volunteers over three years. Some other women are praying about starting a team to translate it into Arabic and Swahili, and a friend is working on bringing it to Sudan in 2013.

Look around the site, add your reviews to the products by clicking on the item in the store, read the blogs, and sign up for notifications of new products and conferences. Let me know if you have any suggestions or experience any problems.







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