Two Pound Jack

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August 17, 2013 [My Life, Abortion] Meet my friend’s grandson, Jack, born 3 months early, weighing a hair over two pounds. It is impossible to fathom that there are still people today who say a child is only a child when he is wanted, and unless he is wanted he is just tissue that can be destroyed. Jack is blessed to be loved, but doesn’t even a person who isn’t loved have a right to live?  I would so appreciate it if you would say a prayer for Jack tonight, and for his parents and grandparents who are praying for him, too. (Click “more” for five month update!)

February 5, 2014 (Update)  Jack is five months old, laughing and smiling ALL the time now and sleeping through the night. With NO oxygen tubes and (almost) NO monitor, nothing is holding him back from being an active baby boy!







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