The Indoctrination of Little Minds

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dreamstime_m_26254254      Homeschooling has become so popular in our state that most people don’t realize just thirty years ago, parents were being arrested and put in jail for it, and their children taken away. . .  as in Germany today.

In the waning years of the 1980’s, though not a believer yet, I wrote a bill I felt balanced the concerns of  both sides of the issue; and young son in tow, lobbied various state legislators at the capital to bring it to the floor. There was favorable discussion, but that same week, judicial decisions in Texas began to favor homeschooling parents and a bill was no longer necessary.

Now, after almost three decades of parental rights and legalized homeschooling, it is easy to think it could never become illegal again. However, the demand on the left to seize control over what our children think and believe–particularly children of Christian parents–is growing, with some calling Christian education a form of child abuse. The  Fall 2014 implementation of what is called “Common Core” at school districts around the country (45 states) may seem unrelated if your child isn’t in public school, but the next step will be to either require Common Core of homeschoolers, or attempts to shut down homeschooling altogether. I’ve always been amazed at how, when a person’s own party is in power, they think of “the government” as some magical, all-good, all-wise living entity, when it is really nothing more than other human beings who are just as full of sinfulness and foolishness as we ourselves . . . but with power.

Requiring Common Core of homeschooling parents may seem cumbersome but unexceptional. The  problem with this is that the foundational material used in Common Core is based on a worldview completely and wholly at odds with American exceptionalism and Christian values (as you will read below and in other articles.) Interestingly, this update shares that college entrance exams and SAT’s are now being rewritten by a person key to Common Core, in order to reward and test positively for that worldview.

It has long been known that whoever controls the minds of the children controls the future. You and I are “artifacts” of a similar indoctrination. I for one, used to believe my thoughts on issues of femininity, men, casual sexuality, marriage, god-is-all pantheism, psychology, and happiness, were my own. Only as I started thinking about where they came from did I realize I was taught to believe these in school and in the media, complete with defending arguments, and had only come to think of them as “my own beliefs.” Upcoming generations, even before Common Core, are being indoctrinated in gender neutrality, ‘fairness’, humanism, communism, normalization of all forms of deviant sexuality, socialism, climate change, evolution, disregard for American exceptionalism, disrespect for parental authority, and disdain for Christian values–all in the name of “common good.” Common Core weaves these values into the materials used for teaching. 

Examples: An exemplar for reading is a novel, “The Bluest Eye,” which is a disturbing tale of a daughter being raped by her father and then being befriended by a pedophile. Even more disturbing, the book portrays the rape scene from the viewpoint of the rapist.

Another Common Core exemplar text, listed for ninth graders is “Mother of Monsters,” a story in which a mother displays the virtue of “individuality” by intentionally deforming her own unborn children while pregnant.  Another is  “Black Swan Green” which contained “passages using inappropriate language and visual imagery that most people would consider pornographic.”

A recommended text written by Yale law professor Akhil Reed Amar, describes the Constitution’s 3/5 compromise with terms like “vicious,” “master class” and “camouflaged by this ugly point. The Founders are made out to be racist, deceiving hypocrites,” Lembke told EPC. 

It is concerning that  the “architect” of the Common Core Standards Initiative, has since become president of the College Board, which designs the SAT and Advanced Placement, or AP, tests – and the Common Core influence is already being seen, for example, in the College Board’s AP History Framework.

You will not see Alexis de Tocqueville anywhere in these materials,” Korach said. “There’s nothing about the Pilgrims coming to America for religious freedom – it’s not discussed. … All they say is the British colonies ‘established racial rigid hierarchy.’

“There’s hardly anything at all about the Declaration of Independence, one sentence on it and no explanation. There’s one phrase on Washington,” he continued. “There’s none of the ideals motivating the Revolution … no discussion that we believe our rights come from God and not the Crown … no mention at all of Thomas Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Madison or Patrick Henry. … ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ – it’s not there.

“Instead of [portraying] Manifest Destiny as the idea of to taking the blessings of liberty to all peoples,” he continued, the new History Framework claims the move West was “‘built on the ideas of white racial and cultural superiority.’”

“There’s no discussion of free market, world-changing inventions – no Edison, no Vanderbilt, no Carnegie, no Rockefeller. No benefit in this history from electricity, railroads, steel or energy,” Korach discovered, “but there is [mandated] discussion of the Sierra Club, the Department of the Interior and [labor and community organizer] Mother Jones.”

Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute also told EPC attendees about the Next Generation Science Standards, or NGSS, which he called, “just as wicked and ugly as her evil stepsister, [the Common Core].” Several states have already or are in the process of adding NGSS standards to their Common Core requirements. The New York Times, Luskin said, reported the “NGSS is meant to do for science what Common Core does for English and math. “And there’s no need to for conspiracy theories,” Luskin added. “The New York Times elites openly admit NGSS was created to push evolution and global warming.




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