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There are several study guide outlines (based on number of weeks) in the front of the book, but I like this guide written by Jen Blackmon for 7 weeks. I added 1 weeks so you can include CD 1 and 2 which are me teaching God Empowered Wife and Idols of the Heart respectively. Feel free to go more weeks if need be.

Start with prayer, then sharing about the week. Include role plays about situations. When the ladies start diverting into practical ways to address a problem draw it back to the heart and pleasing God. This is where having listened to CD2 and 3 will be helpful to you.  Listening to all three CD’s repeatedly will really help the most if you are able and then you can teach the material and omit playing the CD in class. All are available on iTunes and Amazon, or in hard form from this website. Understanding the material about idols of the heart will really make a difference as you teach God Empowered Wife.

Session 1: How We Got Here”
Jen: Intro the “How we got here” idea. (Option play first half of CD1) I have found that many women don’t know exactly what the problem is or will say, “This isn’t really MY marriage issue”… until they’ve heard this part!  This gets them to buy into their need for this study.  We do Karen’s exercise of “Your ideal marriage in one word” and “Your husband’s ideal marriage in one word.”  Every time on the husband one, women say “fun” and “peaceful”.  I assure them that we’ll get there with God’s help during this!  Their homework is simply to pray to be open to what God wants to show them in their marriage and to notice the times when they are leading, or discouraging their husband from leading. Homework read Ch 1-4.

Karen: I ask them to write down “List how your would husband describe the perfect marriage?” “List how you would describe the perfect marriage?” “How would God describe the perfect marriage?”  and share each.  Then I ask them to write down one thing, or change, they would like to see God do to let them know they were on the right track. It’s so much fun to go back and read those at the end. I know the ladies won’t have time to answer all the homework questions, so I tell them to read Ch. 1-4 and do whatever homework questions they are able. EAch week aI ask them to share one homework question that impacted them the most.

Session 2: Active Submission and Moments of Leadership
(Option play second half of CD1) Ask about the week. Discuss Active submission (ch 6) and Moments of Leadership (7).  I demo (like Karen does) the difference between trying to pull someone to you, vs. actively stepping behind them.  We talk over and over again about pureness of heart and taking baby steps.  Homework find one time you can actively submit this week, to give him a moment of leadership (we plan and role play this one during class for those who are willing!)   I stress over and over again that it is GOD we are “testing” . . . not our husbands!  We are “testing” to see if God is faithful when we do these things (really developing our trust, because He is faithful). Our husband’s responses are not the focus at all!  Homework Reading:  Ch 5-7

Session 3: Idols of the Heart
Play CD2.   We spend the entire session on this one and it’s so good. It’s so well received because the women have spent a week praying to be open.  At this point, I assure them they can spend the next week “breaking” . . . it’s what God wants!  Their homework — identify their idols and begin to let God deal with them on these.  Homework reading:  Catch up to Chapter 7.

Session 4: Chin Wagging and Joy of Obedience
Chin Wagging and Joy of Obedience (8-9).  I spend the session going through the 7 Deadly C’s.  This is incredibly convicting and real for them and we have lots of practical discussions about it.  Homework — become aware of and try to stop yourself from using the 7 deadly C’s.  Ask God to show you times when you are falling into that trap, and help you recover.  HR:  8-9

Session 5: The Blessing and Alpha Behavior
I love this one because by the “how’s it going?” of this session, I usually have someone who looks completely different, feels completely different, and is bursting to tell what God is doing in their life/marriage!  The Blessing and Alpha Behavior.  I share personal testimonies here and also do the physical demonstrations of the alpha behaviors.  Homework:  ask his blessing on something if applicable, and become aware of alpha behaviors.  Try to stop and submit instead and see what God does in your own spirit!  HR:  10-11

Session 6: Mirroring/Quiet Companionship
This is a fun one!  We go through the sample conversations in the book, having people read different roles.  Then we’ll even try some role playing with situations in the women’s lives if they are willing to share.  I use this talk also to share some testimonies and to share the lesson Karen taught me about just stating the facts.   Homework:  Find one time every day or every other day to spend in quiet companionship with your husband.  Notice the difference it makes in quieting and resting your spirit.  Try to mirror him in conversation at least once this week.  HR:  Ch 12-13

 Session 7: What happens when we mess up?
This is a good time to go over concepts of Idols as it will be an important part of any situation that arises. If you have listened to the CD2 many times, this will be easier. Also a good idea to listen yourself to CD3 as it will help you help ladies who bring up problems. In class, we go through sharing stories of times when we’ve messed up recently, KNOWING that we weren’t being GEW, and the outcomes.  We talk about appropriate ways to ask forgiveness and to keep our focus on US and OUR role, not on him or his response. We do, however, talk about how we can sometimes tell when we’ve messed up and taken leadership because of the stress in our homes!   Homework:  Continue in GEW journey… look for one place you can take a step farther in active submission this week.  HR:  Ch 14-16

Session 8: Closing
Sharing trials and triumphs.  Working through the rough spots some women may still be having.  At this point, I ask them, “How will you really KNOW that you’ve submitted completely?”  For some women it’s when they no longer try to take over the parenting, for some the finances, etc.  Then we talk about what it will take to get there and what’s keeping us from it.  They are left with the challenge of continuing on this journey.


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