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Recommendations for facilitating a small group on “God Empowered Wife”

You don’t have to be an expert to launch and facilitate a God Empowered Wife small group, though it does help if you have started practicing what’s in the book so you have some testimonies of what God is showing you through the teaching.The only thing I ask is that you do not combine any other material with God Empowered teaching when you are facilitating a group. It is unjust to both authors who have spent many hours developing a cohesive message, and it not only confuses your ladies, it limits God’s work in their lives. I also ask that you don’t charge a fee beyond actual expenses.

I recommend you listen to the 3 CD’s so you understand fully the theological challenge that is the foundation of God Empowered Wife. This will help you more easily discern when your ladies are slipping into the wrong motivation. The most important thing is the desire only to please God, not to “be righteous” or “earn your husband’s love” or “get your husband to change,” and certainly not “to be happy.” Learning how to detect whether a heart is purely focused on the right goal takes a little practice and the CD’s will help a lot.

I suggest you limit your group to 8 women maximum so you will be able to share what is going on in each life. The book has study plans for 6, 9, 12, and 16 weeks and I’ve also provided a link here to a 7-8 week plan by a friend, Jen Blackmon, that includes teaching on Idols of the Heart in week 2 (from CD 2 and the Idols chart).

Read about two amazing women I have worked with for many years and endorse as teachers of God Empowered Wife principles:

Jen Blackmon, Texas
Constance, Africa

Spanish and Arabic full translations will be available in print late 2012 and epub by early 2013
Swahili translation of the discussion questions and prayers is currently available via email.
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