Stop It – Now.

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Image 2May 13, 2013 [Abortion]   I used to be a pro-choice woman. I used to think that pregnancy involved “just tissue,” and that it wasn’t a baby until some vague and unspecified number of weeks in the future.  I used to think it unkind to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term if she didn’t want to. When I got pregnant early in my first marriage, I immediately went where everyone knew unwanted pregnancy could be easily “taken care of.” If someone had stopped me on the sidewalk of Planned Parenthood that October afternoon in 1978, I would probably not have had that abortion; and in that moment I would have started thinking of “that tissue” as a baby.

Many years later, in another marriage, I became pregnant again, and I was thrilled.  This time I thought of it as a baby from the  moment I learned I was pregnant. It didn’t matter how small it was, whether it could live outside the womb, or how many weeks since my last period. It was my child, my baby, and I would have moved heaven and earth to protect and save it. When I had an ectopic pregnancy four years later, I wept because I lost a child. I wasn’t a believer yet, I wasn’t even pro-life yet. The only difference between those pregnancies and the first was I wanted those children. Even an ardent pro-choice advocate will say excitedly when she discovers she is pregnant with a child she wants, “We’re having a BABY!”

Just today, a new case was uncovered in Houston, of another doctor performing horrific abortions on babies at 24 weeks and later. The pictures are available on the Internet, and even more unspeakably awful (who would have even imagined that possible?) than those of the Gosnell case.

Is a child not a child until the mother decides she wants it? The tragedy of rape and incest, the challenge of disabilities, the heartbreak of unwanted children, the fear of financial sufficiency is not solved by murdering babies.

Stop it – Now.

Here is a link to an article where the photos can be optionally viewed by scrolling a separate window. As much as it pains me to have seen it, I hope you will look at what our complacency and concern for “woman’s right” to get rid of a pregnancy have led us to.

Check out an organization using new media to make public what is really going on in abortion clinics, through undercover investigations. Dr. Gosnell is not the outlier nor the exception.

Stop it – Now.




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