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parliament_320_3June 19, 2013 [Legislation, Discrimination, Traditional Marriage] Christian Concern is an organization in London that upholds the rights of Christians against increasing persecution and discrimination. Recently they booked a conference at a building managed by the Law Society. The Law Society cancelled the booking when they learned that Christian Concerns planned to discuss the topic of same sex vs. biblical marriage. The Law Society said that the topic was discriminatory, despite the fact that, at present in England, same sex marriage is not legal. Christian Concern charged that to refuse to allow them to book the hall was discriminatory, and the two organizations went into mediation. They have agreed upon the following joint statement (my emphasis added):

  • Christian Concern and the Law Society are pleased to announce that agreement has been reached in relation to the cancellation of the conference on marriage dated 23 May 2012.
  • Both parties uphold the right and freedoms of other members of society based on the principles of a democratic society and debate, which respects the dignity and rights and freedoms of others.
  • To this end, the Law Society has announced it will organise a full debate on the issue of same sex marriage in which a number of eminent speakers will attend, including a speaker from Christian Concern.
  • Both parties respect the fact that views exist in society of those who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, and those who believe that marriage should be between two adults regardless of their gender.
  • The Law Society, without endorsing the views of Christian Concern, acknowledges that those views, which Christian Concern bases on Biblical principles, are sincerely held and that Christian Concern is entitled to hold and express those views.
  • The Law Society welcomes bookings from Christian Concern in the future. 

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