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June 2013 We contributed to the undefiniton of marriage when, as Christians, we stopped treating marriage among ourselves as a life-long sacred covenant with God; and began treating it as just “something two people do when they love each other.” If we confess and begin living as God commanded, who knows what He will do?

June 2013 I’m not stupid (have been a member of MENSA), uneducated (2 Master’s Degrees), or naive (spent time in 43 countries and understand global cultures). I’m an intellect, an analytic, and by nature a skeptic with a capital S. So, when I was first exposed to a Young Earth concept, I spent a few years studying Carbon-14 dating, astronomy, and physics. The closer I looked the more I found scientific evidence contradicts theories of evolution and millions of years. Teaching everyone to believe the same thing doesn’t make it true. It makes it a religion, with its first two commandments being “thou shalt believe the theories on which C-14 dating is based” and “thou shalt not believe any other scientific evidence which contradicts it.” My query was tedious and long. Now you can start with the resources at the Creation Museum just outside of Cincinnati (www.creationmuseum.org). Investigate. The grand experiment we’ve been running on children’s minds for decades, treating theories as facts, has been educational child abuse.

August 2012 Those who love are not always wise, but those who are wise always love. So may you be wise, because wisdom is the main thing. The wisdom of God.

June 2012 Stop thinking in terms of being good. You can’t change yourself; God changes you when you submit to Him. So let  your daily words be a TESTIMONY of faith, of being human and struggling with God and submitting, of how painful it is to relinquish being god of our own lives, of how God blesses our lives when we do . . . rather than psychological talk about how to have a good marriage, a successful business, or a happy life. Psychology only brings about temporary change followed by frustration and disappointment. God alone brings permanent transformation and lasting joy. Remember, we quickly lose the emotional awe of God’s blessings in our lives, but we never forget our struggles with Him. So when you tell your story, don’t leave out the struggle.

May 2012 You don’t belong to yourself. You belong to God, and everything you think belongs to you–including your life–is His. You are a guest in your home, your job, your marriage, your parenting, your body, your life . . . so behave like one. Every moment You are in His presence. Enjoy the time together with Him, relax and visit, take care of all He shares with you, and graciously return it when He says it is time.

January 2012 Have you given God the throne of our heart, but kept title to the ground underneath?

October 2011 If you are worshipping God, your prayers will be asking Him how you can serve Him. If you are worshipping God’s blessings, your prayers will consist of telling Him how He can serve you.

August 2011 There is a side of God that only people who are in the midst of suffering can know. It is a sacred place, a holy place, a knowing of God so deep and so real, so intimate it changes you forever. For some it is a life-long calling. For others it is only temporary and you will miss it when the suffering is gone. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” (Exodus 3:5)

June 2011 The goal of a living faith, this side of heaven, is faithful living. (James 2:14)

Marcy 2011 I run with certainty toward God and purposefully fight against anything in me that desires instead He run to me. I submit my self to Him, that, having taught others, I might not my own self be disapproved. (1 Cor 9:26-27)

January 2011 Your heart is like a gold mine. You have to crawl deep into the hot, dark, mine, blast loose the rock walls and carry the stones to the surface. If it were possible, it would be much easier to simply remove the ore and leave the gold hidden, or extract just the gold and leave the ore behind. But it is necessary to crush the rock, then super heat it until the dross separates from the gold. Read Ezekiel 8 and study Matthew 13.

November 2010 God’s preparation for spiritual growth is not peace and spiritual fulness, but the turning of His plow deep in the settled fields of the heart/ His seeds grow best in broken and turned soil watered by tears and warmed by His Word. Be encouraged. Don’t mistake pain and heartache for spiritual attack. God is utterly sovereign.

June 2010 The path to deep, true happiness requires first letting go of whater you require to change before you’ll be happy. Hold your desires with an open hand rather than a clinched fist. Trust God. Read Matthew 6:33.

July 2009 It never ceases to amaze me how the problems women in rural third world countries experience in their marriages, while appearing entirely different on the outside, are really the same at the heart level as our own. Read 1 Corinthians 10:13

May 2009 I was invited to attend a wedding in a rural African village. We arrived two hours early and watched as a crippled woman secured a spot on the floor by the side door in front of the first two chairs on the front row. She wasn’t able to stand, so she sat patiently with her toddler, waiting for the wedding, secure that she had found a place on the floor where she could see. The church filled up over the next two hours and just before the wedding was to begin, a woman entered grandly with her grown son and daughter. She joined the bridal party on the stage, but there were only two chairs remaining…the two where the crippled mother and her toddler had been sitting on the floor for hours in order to see. The usher told her to move outside the door and grandly seated the young man and woman in the seats. I was sitting just behind them. Read James 2.

Dec 2008 Sometimes God’s hand presses upon you with unrelenting love, asking you to submit in areas not yet submitted, areas where you still feel the need to protectyourself more than trust Him. Those are the times you quietly say, “I’ve got this one God, thanks anyway” and end with your own Garden of Gethsemane, unable to obey as Christ did. Your spirit may be willing, but your feet are paralyzed with fear. Your own strength, insufficient for salvation, is also insufficient for sanctification. Fall into Christ’s arms, ask Him to carry you. He has been there and through and He knows the way.

I believe there are tough times ahead, times that we in the US have never seen before nor imagined, and it’s coming quickly. It’s easy to get discouraged or fearful, but God is sovereign and eternal. God’s hand moves to discipline us and reveal Himself to us. Eleven years ago, newly married, my husband and I both lost our jobs in the same week. To this day, I don’t know how we kept our house, paid our bills, and continued tithing, but miraculously we did. As I look back, those were very precious times for us as a couple and as Christians humbled by hardship and learning to rely on God.

October 2008   My teaching trips to third world countries contiue to remind me that God is sometimes worshipped more easily in a refugee camp than in a mansion. Yet, so often in the midst of suffering, we spend that time in self-pity, fear, and worry. The question to ask ourselves when faced with any painful situation is not, “How will I survive?” but “How can I handle this suffering in a God pleasing way?”

August 2008 In your trials, remember that God sent even Jesus into the wilderness. Waste no suffering. Look for opportunity to serve God.

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