Plane Providence

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June 23, 2012 –  [Your Stories–from someone God happened to seat next to me on a plane. I very rarely carry a copy of “God Empowered Wife” with me, but as I walked out the door I felt a strong urge to put a copy in my carry-on].  

 Karen, I met you by coincidence on a flight from Perth to Melbourne on Tuesday 13th March, when the airlines assigned me a last minute seat in the middle of the row, next to you.  It was amazing because I had conflicting thoughts about my marriage and was just praying about getting some help. You gave me a copy of your book and I read the first four chapters and did the homework and questions. I felt so close to God. A few days later my husband and I spent some time on vacation with extended family and friends on what has become an annual trip. One day . . . .he and and I had the opportunity to spend nearly the entire day alone and so we went for a walk, which we hadn’t done together for at least a few years (even in the supermarket!). I had jumped ahead in your book and had read the chapter about letting hubby set the pace a few days, and as we were walking (through bushland mainly) I thought I would try just follow where he wanted to go. When it wasn’t possible to walk beside (when the path was too narrow) I went in behind (instead of jumping in front as I’m prone to do) and when there was a choice of which way to go I didn’t argue or even question about which way he chose to go. It was hard to begin with but by the end of 2nd hour I was actually enjoying it and there was a tangible peace between us. We walked together for over 3 hours and later that day when we had returned to where the others were he thanked me quietly for the day, I was amazed and thrilled as it has been a long time since he has said such a thing. He thanks me for tasks I do, sure (with prompting usually), but this was very different, like I’d given him something wonderful. A day or two later we were climbing Mt Strzelecki (a not so slight 750m above sea level). We were a party of 6, with myself as the slowest climber. My husband was ever the gentleman and made sure I was not left more that a few meters behind him all the way up. My stamina was challenged quite a bit but God reminded me to use the tiny “baby” steps and not get distracted by looking up to see how far away the top of the mountain was. My husband found me a stick and where the path was particularly steep or slippery he waited and pulled me up by the stick. So, I was following him again, and enjoying having him just a few steps in front of me to help whenever I needed.

The thought occurred to me that perhaps this is how God would like me to approach other challenges we face together, as in my husband leading and letting him help me from in front. A few days later we were back home and, as I had woken early from a disturbed night’s sleep, I got up and went for a walk to pray. My  husband and I had been discussing the purchase of a new boat (as he loves fishing and being on the water). There was a suitable boat for sale and I had been withholding my agreement for us to buy it, as I was worried we would not be able to afford the loan if he could not find work quickly. While I was out walking and praying I was reminded of the idea of following my husband’s lead and letting God direct his steps. I asked God if He wanted me to simply follow him in this matter and strongly felt that was what God wanted me to do. Immediately I felt a sense of conviction and peace.

Our relationship has been better than it has for years over these last few weeks, our communication has become more open and he is more affectionate. And he has been great at stepping in to disipline our boys instead of leaving it to me–which really takes the pressure off, it’s just great! I’d like to order several books and go through in study and prayer with some friends.

I just wanted to express my appreciation to you, for responding to me so generously that day by talking to me because I know you were tired and still had preparations to do for your speaking engagement, and also thank you very much for the gift of your book. I wanted to let you know that good things have happened to me and my marriage and my relationship with God since that day.God is changing my attitude towards my husband and my role as his wife.

God was so gracious over the past several months time and opened my eyes to a new perspective on my life and I also had the deep impression that I was to approach the future challenges with small “baby steps” and not look to far ahead so as to avoid being overwhelmed, but to trust that the climb to the top of each challenge would be achieved by just thinking and taking only of that step immediately in front of me. The revelation was a moment of rare intimacy I felt with Father God and it has changed my perspective so much. The fears and doubts fell away and I was filled with joy and looking forward to the future.

Look forward to hearing from you, with love and blessings,



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