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 August 23, 2013 

I found this beautiful life-size model of a 12 week old infant in the womb, sculpted by Donna Lee (,and ordered one for showing and sharing as the opportunity arises to help someone visualize a baby in the womb. When she arrived today, I held her near my belly to get a sense of proportion and remembering being pregnant (the time I had an abortion and the time I had my son), I marveled at this miracle of God, of one human being inside another. [there is no further text, but to comment click “Read More” below]

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2011-nov-dec-magazineAugust 14, 2013 [Living Faith] (by Leslie Ludy): “I believe the majority of American Christians today are far too careless toward darkness and evil. Pop-culture floods our minds and senses with things that are not of God. But for most of us, the glamorized sin that surrounds us is not strange and jarring. It’s normal and accepted. In fact, we go out of our way to enjoy and participate in it. We spend a huge amount of our time and money on it. We allow it to capture our mind, emotions, and attention; then we wonder why our lives are filled with fear, anxiety, defeat, and depression.

Take, for instance, the book series and movie, Twilight. Lots of Christian movie review websites praise Twilight as a wholesome love story. Youth pastors and Christian influencers alike have lauded it as a harmless and even edifying flick, a sweet and artistically portrayed love story that doesn’t show graphic images of the vampires “doing their vampire thing.” But is there really such a thing as a pure, wholesome and God-honoring vampire movie?  Read More and Comment

Share Button 17, 2013 [Persecution]  I met a couple from the Middle East recently, who live in a country where churches are being burned. The Mslm Brthrhd has given them (and all Christians in their country, as in others)  four options: convert to Islm, stay and pay a regular tax, leave, or be killed. where churches are being burned. They were given those options, and though many of their friends were leaving, they decided God wanted them to stay and minister.

There had been great religious freedom in the past in their country, and suddenly, almost overnight, it was gone. (I remember friends from Eritrea saying the same thing happened to them and warned it was coming to the US one day.) Now, each day, they do not know whenever they leave their homes, if they will return alive. They told their children that men may come into the house through holes they bore in the walls from house to house, and put a knife to Mommy’s throat, and their own. “There will be some blood, Read More and Comment

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August 17, 2013 [My Life, Abortion] Meet my friend’s grandson, Jack, born 3 months early, weighing a hair over two pounds. It is impossible to fathom that there are still people today who say a child is only a child when he is wanted, and unless he is wanted he is just tissue that can be destroyed. Jack is blessed to be loved, but doesn’t even a person who isn’t loved have a right to live?  I would so appreciate it if you would say a prayer for Jack tonight, and for his parents and grandparents who are praying for him, too. (Click “more” for five month update!) Read More and Comment

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Church-Fire-SohagAugust 13, 2013 [My Life] It was strange yesterday to see in the news the photo of one of the churches that was burned in Egypt. I am pretty certain it was a church I visited and worshipped in when I was there a few years ago. The first photo is an exterior I copied from a news service. Pictures below are pictures from my visit: the inner courtyard after the service, and singing praise songs in the service. My trip there is one of the most memorable trips I have ever had–an amazing country. The woman translating God Empowered Wife into Arabic lives in Egypt, also. Please join me in praying for her, for the safety and courage of your brothers and sisters in Christ there, and for God to pour out His Spirit on all the people of Egypt. To comment, scroll down and click “more”. Read More and Comment

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August 3, 2013 [Persecution, China] This week, one of the most well-known and beloved pastors in China, Pastor Samuel Lam, passed away at the age of 88. Until very recently, Pastor Lam was still giving weekly sermons to thousands who attend the services at his church. Every Sunday, Pastor Lam invited foreign guests into his office, and with his broad customary smile, began to tell the story of his life, summarized in one ‘holy principle’: “More persecution, More growth.”

The son of the pastor of a small Baptist church, Pastor Lam experienced China’s communist oppression first hand. He faced his first arrest in 1955, during one of the first big waves of persecution under Chairman Mao Zedong. In all, Pastor Lam spent some 20 gruesome years in labor camps where he mostly worked in coal mines.  But despite the harsh punishments, he continued to teach. Read More and Comment

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1013016_10200856206161100_2065350714_nJuly 24, 2013 [Reprint from Lindsey Nicole Martinez’s Facebook post last month]  The doctors wanted me to abort my son and try again later. They said he had no reason for life. If he lived past birth it would only be for a few minutes, a few hrs at the most. The doctors said other parents who have a baby with this anencephaly health condition, just go ahead and terminate the baby to save themselves heartache and pain in the future. Even after I said no. They still tried to get me to abort my son, giving me up to 20 weeks to abort. They said there is no hope,I’m sorry. Read More and Comment
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July 9, 2013  [Sexual Purity]   Caitlin writes: “Growing up in the church meant that I was well exposed to the idea of sexual purity. It came up more and more often the older I got, especially during middle and high school. I heard many different leaders talk about it; it was discussed in many small groups and Bible studies; I even owned a purity ring and signed the pledge that said I would not have sex until marriage. However, it wasn’t until I was 19 and in my first serious relationship (a relationship that, after more than 2 years, is still one of the biggest blessings in my life) that I really took it upon myself to delve into God’s command and His reasoning behind it. Read More and Comment

Share Button 6, 2013 [Your Letters] This poem was written by a beautiful woman who was in one of my groups in Australia and whose testimony is in the book on Idols I’m finishing up this week. Her daughter was born perfectly healthy, but before her first birthday she contracted an illness that left her like an infant, unable to care for herself, unable to move, unable to speak. The doctors said she would not live, but she did–for over six more years. She and her husband cared for her around the clock, working opposite shifts and everyone questioned why they didn’t just put her in a facility. As she told me, “Karen, it was such hard work but she was such a blessing to us. Read More and Comment

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June 28, 2013 [Sexual Purity, Your Letters] Here are some more of your letters testifying about the joys of sexual purity.

Karen, My husband and I were virgins until marriage but it was not without great temptation towards the end of our engagement. In fact, we often tell others who are wanting to wait that once they decide to get married the engagement should be no longer than 6 months if possible (unless you can live FAR away from each other).  However, we did make it and it has been well worth it. Even from the beginning of our marriage our intimate times have been very comfortable, no worries of being compared to another and we know pretty much how to communicate our needs. There are still Read More and Comment


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