His Load Is Light

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June 9, 2012[Your Stories–Letter from a reader]  Dear Karen, You don’t know me, but I had to write to say thank you. Yesterday was a culmination of a difficult week of struggle.  I had gone to the museum just to get out of the house, and as I got out of the car I got a call from my husband. We spoke for awhile and I made a comment which received dead silence on the other end.  “I’ve done it again”, I thought – not even sure of what it was.  After we hung up and I got out of the car I felt like I had added another brick to the load I was already carrying.

Once inside,  it was crowded and with the heavy load in my heart I just felt like leaving. I stopped at a bookstore and my  eyes fell on your book.  I opened it up and saw the word “submission” and immediately I thought “not this again.”  My first marriage of 15 years  was with a man who forced my submission.  But as I kept previewing what you had to say, your book seemed different somehow. Once home, I  sat down and devoured it.  So much of what you had to say came from my own life and your words pierced my heart as I saw the controlling person I had become.  I hadn’t seen myself as a strong woman because I am more introverted and so the strange part is I had no idea I needed what you said. When I got to the end,  I broke down.  My reaction  took me totally by surprise as the tears just flowed from deep inside of me.  When I went to bed later that night,  I felt that “perfect peace.” Thank you, Karen, for being so honest and transparent.  I am sure it was not easy for you to do – and thank you for writing your book.



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