Miracle Baby

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    A note from Marien: Karen, I have some big news. I was diagnosed to have polyps on my uterus and thus not able to have any more children. I was going to have a surgery, but we had some problems with the insurance company and I had to suspend the surgery for the time being.

Then, a month ago my husband and I were about to go to sleep, and he heard a voice that said “He will be named Samuel.” He told me about it, and said that it could have not been his mind as he didn´t like that name, lol. Two weeks later I got sick with a cold and went to the doctor. He prescribed me with antibiotics and other drugs, so I mentioned the possibility I could be pregnant and the doctor told me to make a test before starting the treatment. If I was pregnant, he did not want me to take it. The test was negative, but my husband told me to wait a little longer. In the past I would have just done what I wanted and not listened to him, but I’ve learned to trust that God can guide my husband in what is best for our family. Well, two weeks later I did another test and it turned out I was pregnant !!! I’m so thankful I’ve learned to be sensitive to my husband’s leadership. God has given me the opportunity to share about Discerning Idols in our hearts with some ladies, too, which has been great.
(Marien gave generously of her time and talents as a major contributor and initial overall editor of the Spanish edition of God Empowered Wife, “La Esposa en el Poder de Dios” which will be available on Amazon soon.)



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