Macaroons and Stars

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June 26, 2012: [Your Stories–From one of my GEW small group members]

As my friend can’t come anymore on Thursday nights with me,  my hubby is picking me up when I am finished because I’m not confident catching the train on my own at that time of the evening. Anyway, this past Thursday evening we had both arranged a time to meet – -however when I walked out the church from GEWife group…..I called to just make sure that he was on his way. He was a little bit huffy on the phone and kept saying…“Kirsty, this is really taking a toll on me coming out this way every week to pick you up” – (as we live an hour away). Anyway, he kept asking when it would finish and I assured him only a couple more weeks left. He was in quite a huff as he said that I didn’t communicate when I first started that this would be the case. Now the ‘old Kirsty’ would have by now got completely defensive and irrational and emotional!!!!

But instead, whilst reflecting on what we discussed during the class… of respecting our husband’s and trusting their leadership in areas as we are to trust the Lord that they are being lead by them… and to not interfere in the business between the Lord and our husbands…. So i did just that… I just said “ Love, ok, I understand that it’s a big ask for you to come out and collect me every week. It is something that I really am enjoying, but if you feel that its putting unwanted pressure on us, I understand and when we in the car we can talk about maybe leaving it for a while“… He kept emphasising however that it was a big ask and its his only night off to relax in our week, and whlst he was really happy with the fact that I was getting so much out of GE, he also stressed that it was a big burden.

You see the funny thing was that when I said what I said,  for once I said it without the clenching of teeth and burning passion inside of me, offended that I now “had” say all of the above but not truly mean it….. but instead I just was praying and asking the Lord to intervene and saying to God….” Ok Lord, if it is not your Will that I go, I trust that you will lead him to make that decision… what ever desicsion he makes, Lord I will trust that it is from you”…. Our call ended sweetly with him saying that he was around the corner…. and I stopped off a a coffee shop to get a latte & since I had to meet a minimum to use my card, I got us each a macaroon.


My husband then picked me up and gave me a big kiss and asked me for directions home… but we soon got talking and I forgot where we were going and when I did, realised we were going the wrong way! I said “Oh, we’re going the wrong way!” He turned to me and said, “No we are going the right way… trust me….!” Before I knew it we were driving into Kings Park…. and I thought to myself…. (but didn’t say) … “Where on earth is he going?” We soon parked up and he turned to me and said let’s go for a walk…. (by now my mind was thinking…. what on earth happened to the grump old man that was on the other side of the phone…. but OH WELL… lets just go with this) so I jumped out the car and we wandered down to the lookout and snuggled up and watched the city and just talked about a whole lot of specialness and ate our macaroons…… :))))

He then turned to me and said, Kirst, I really appreciate how you reacted to that situation on the phone and I appreciate you didn’t lose it on the phone. I just wanted to be heard and you let me say my piece and Im sorry for being selfish, for not picking you up. I will be more than happy to collect you each week – you just let me know what time and when etc… Karen… I couldn’t believe these words that were coming out of his mouth and inside was just saying ” thank you thank you thank you thank you LORD!!!!!) We are communicating on a different level Karen and are allowing room for the Lord to lead us….

Just when I thought I had landed with my bum in the butter last night he surprised me once again… ( now when I say surpirsed me… its not to say he hasn’t been an amazing and caring husband before…its just the over and above stuff which I’m experiencing and I just keep pinching myself and thinking I am the most blessed girl in the world to have the most caring supportive husband etc!!!)

I asked him to take out some meat as I was having a girlfirend over.. but instead when I walked in the door he had completely prepared a 3 course meal for me and my girlfriends…. I asked him what motivated him to do this when my Gfriends had left and his answer was simply.. I wanted to bless you and take the load off you – so that you could bless your friends by just chatting and not worrying to have to cook dinner for them….! I’m feeling so loved by my Lord for blessing me so much with a wonderful husband and people like yourself to come along side me and encourage me to be the BEST wife possible to him!

just wanted to share my joy in how much I’m changing and learning to be a women of FAITH in Christ. Yes I have grown in leaps and bounds as a wife both spiritually and practically but even more so I just want to encourage you, in that this course has strengthened my relationship with the Lord!

Kirsty (permission to use her real name, Perth, Australia)



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