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IMG_0909June 1, 2013 [Abortion]   Pro-choice people are not thinking about life as defined by a scientist (I know, I was a pro-choice person long ago). They call Kate’s baby, a “baby” for the sole reason that she wants the child to live–therefore they want the child to live.

If a pro-choice woman who wants to get pregnant is successful, she even calls her own child a baby before it is born. If, when I had an abortion three decades ago, I had changed my mind on the steps of Planned Parenthood and turned around, I would have–at that moment–began calling the life in my womb a baby.

If a wanted baby is forcibly taken from the womb, against the mother’s wishes, everyone calls it murder. It won’t matter, even if that mother is a pro-choice advocate, that the child wouldn’t have survived outside the womb, whether her baby felt pain, how many or how few weeks pregnant she was . . . she will grieve and mourn the loss of her baby because she wanted that life to exist.

Pro-choice advocates do not define life by any fixed definition. When I was pro-choice, I always thought of a baby in the womb as a baby, except when I was talking about abortion. then I thought of that child as “cells”. I would have become a pro-life advocate much sooner had someone pointed out the fallacy evidenced in my own thinking–that life begins the moment someone else decides that life should exist.

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