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http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-happy-woman-image11835871June 9, 2013 [Your Letters, Death, Living Faith] (A response to “In Death and Life – Tracey’s StoryHello Tracey, You may not remember me. I am Marien, from Venezuela. I used to attend Subi Church in Perth from 2009 to 2011 and I followed Graham’s illness from the distance after. With a judgmental heart. I could not understand why that was happening to you guys. I loved Graham’s preaching, so deep, so rich, and I learned a lot from his sermons. To me you looked as the perfect Christian family, and perfect Christian families are not supposed to suffer; that was my thinking at the time. So, when I knew about Graham getting sick, I thought: they can’t be as good as they seemed. Why would God punish them, then? You can see how much God had and still has to do in my heart. As much as I knew it was a terribly Pharisaic posture, it was only today, reading your story, that God open my eyes to see how terrible my heart is, and I just want to ask for your forgiveness. Reading your story has not only convinced me of sin, but also encouraged me and inspired me to keep trusting in God. God bless you Tracey. Love, Marien.

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