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July 11, 2012 [Your Stories] In the past if I was going out I would always leave my husband with a long list of instructions on exactly what to do with the kids and when. On my return I would quiz him as to exactly what happened, and it would usually fall short of my expectations. Then there would be some degree of dissatisfaction or argument that would follow. 

Well last week I had a crazy day before our study group, and then a friend popped in unexpectedly in the evening. So everything ran late, and I had to dash out with the kitchen still in utter chaos and the kids still eating. I kissed everyone goodbye and left without a word of instruction. Since I’ve been doing your study, I’ve been making a point of not quizzing him when I return, and usually kiss him Hello and sit down for a period of “Quiet Companionship.” Well on my return I was pleasantly surprised to find a spotlessly clean kitchen, with all the dishes washed and surfaces clean. In the past the most I would have expected would be to find the plates stacked neatly on the counter waiting for me to deal with. He was in a good mood and happily volunteered the information that the kids had gone to bed without hassle. I don’t know if things were done in the “right” order or at the “right” time, but I now realize that it is not important, and it is much more rewarding to come home to a happy husband, who has dealt with things in his way–not because I told him to–and to actually be able to enjoy each other’s company for the rest of the evening. Thank you Karen for teaching me that it is not important for me to have control over everything. When I take a step back and get my heart right and give my husband space to lead (and God to work), we are all happier and life is just so much more enjoyable. I feel so Blessed to have been part of this study group with you and the other lovely ladies. It has been an awesome opportunity to really get to grips with GEWife principles and to share experiences and watch how God can work in our lives when we get our hearts right.——



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