Job Hunting Stress

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June 20, 2012 – [from a conference attendee]  When I went to your seminar last August, my husband’s contract was coming to an end in just a few weeks. He’d been job-hunting for a solid month with no success – a few nibbles here and there, a few interviews, but nothing that felt right or lead to a job offer. I was praying up a storm because our second baby was due in late October and we both wanted him settled in a new job by then–for financial security and also so he wouldn’t have to be job-hunting during those first few weeks of juggling two babies. I was frustrated because I felt like he wasn’t trying hard enough.There was a whole week where every day he said he was going to contact a particular recruiter, and every day when he got home he hadn’t done it. . . .I felt like time was running out and started getting pushier with him. You gave me some great advice during the course . . .  you told me to stop nagging him, not to look for jobs for him or start suggesting positions to him, and simply to back off and pray for God to “bless the work of my husband’s hands.” So I started praying. A few days later, he rang me about 11am, and said he was just ringing to chat (this was very unusual as we already had an arrangement that I would call him at 1pm when our son went to bed and we would chat for a few moments each day). I asked him what he’d been up to, and he said airily, “Oh, nothing much. I’ve just rung recruiter X, and have an interview with them tomorrow, and I’ve applied for two jobs I saw on Seek, and I have another call lined up with a different recruiter tomorrow.” I couldn’t believe it! But that’s not the end of the story . . . !

No job offers eventuated and his contract finished at the end of August. Literally two days after his contract ended, I hurt my back very badly. Heavily pregnant, I was unable to walk, get up from a chair or even roll over in bed. I was almost completely immobilised with spasms of back pain. Walking across the room involved standing with my arms around my husband’s neck and my body pressed against his, and taking tiny shuffling steps forwards. Every few steps my back would spasm and my legs would buckle like I was being tasered, and he would have to hold onto me until the spasm passed. There was absolutely no way I was capable of taking care of our one-year-old son – I couldn’t even take care of myself! So God’s perfect timing allowed him to be unemployed at just the right time to care for me and our son full-time for a few weeks.

My husband had never been very excited about work, but he had always said there was one company in the city that he would LOVE to work for, with a great reputation and two former colleagues of his whom he respected enormously working there. He bumped into one of those colleagues while in the city for a different job interview, and the colleague  said he’d pass my husband’s resume on. He didn’t hear anything so assumed nothing had happened. Then while caring for me, he saw a job ad for that company, for his precise position! He was so excited. He wrote an amazing cover letter to go with his resume and contacted his colleague asking for the HR manager’s name so that he could address the letter directly to her. His colleague told him not to even bother with the cover letter and organised HR to call my husband to arrange an interview straight away!

Interviews are traditionally a nightmare for my husband. He gets VERY nervous and comes across badly. I was praying so much for him, and God’s hand was on the entire arrangement. His first interview went really well, he was able to prepare some intelligent questions to ask and came across very well. The next interview was a technical interview, which again are often incredibly stressful for him. Despite having disclosed that he had worked with two of the employees elsewhere, one of those colleagues was the one to interview him! The familiar face really helped in the interview again. Despite feeling massively under qualified and totally in awe of working for this company, he got the job! Looking back, it was just amazing the way God orchestrated the whole thing – giving my husband just enough time off to care for me, and then when I was back on my feet, giving him the one job he’s wanted the most. It was a permanent position (he’d been a contractor for the last few years and wanted more stability) and the money was equal to what he was getting as a contractor (except he gets annual leave, sick leave, parental leave etc now)! Such a huge blessing. Thank you for your wisdom and advice to not worry and try to control things, but to pray and trust God.



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