Jen Blackmon – Austin, Texas

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Jen & Keith Blackmon

I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Jen Blackmon who started teaching God Empowered Wife classes in Austin, Texas, after sitting in my classes three times in Houston. If you remember my example of the Valentine’s carnation and fingernail polish, or the going out to eat and experimenting with Quiet Companionship . . . that’s Jen! She had planned to teach the class just once, and was a little nervous at that, but each semester more women (and their friends) ask her to run it again and again. Her stories are always an encouragement to me.

Jen teaches the class almost every semester and runs a God Empowered Wife, level 2 class for drop-ins–ladies who have taken her main class and want to continue learning and sharing what is going on in their lives. It’s a practice I’ve adopted myself after Jen said her ladies enjoyed it so much.

Jen authored the suggested study guide on this website and I’ve only added adjustments to include the CD’s.

A note from Jen: “When teaching GEW, I like to go through the book one “experiment/suggestion” at a time, in order.  I have also found  it works best if I do introduce a topic at our meeting, teach it and we role play and discuss, then they go home with the homework to try out what we’ve talked about and to read for themselves the chapter.  This seems to get them interested in doing the reading (for those who didn’t devour the book at the first sitting, or who tend to just skim right before class), and eliminates the “I won’t go this week because I haven’t read” mentality.  I also start every week with about 15 min of “How did it go last week?”  One week I discovered, based on this, that the women needed some more instruction and encouragement and so we just camped out there for that whole session and saved the new lesson for the next week!”- Jen




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