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The video above is from when I was teaching what I call “The Sin Line” to the women of Zambia in a church in the bush. I just love how it shows we are all the same no matter where we live or our economic circumstances. The ladies are saying in their language: “That’s a nice man.” “I think I desire him.” “I NEED him.” “I’m going to get him no matter what the cost.” and “OOOHHHH (guilt, shame, regret).”


The Work God has started thru you is awesome, after last year’s day long meeting, I had passed on the four key points to two of my friends and they also said, they had seen benefits by applying in their families. I’m sure, this is the need of the hour not only in US but also in India. (India)

(from a husband) It was on Tuesday of this week and as our kids were preparing to leave for school in the morning, as I was about to walk off the door, my wife calmly called, “Do you remember we don’t have any water in the house? Could you please pray with us that the Lord may provide… ?” It struck me hard and made me remember that I had a duty to fulfill as the head of my home even on water matters. I immediately called upon the childrenl and we all stood together in a circle holding hands and I called upon the Lord to provide us with water for our house use….AND right before we said our amen, there was a knock at our door – I got the door and there stood a young man, whom I did not know and he was asking whether we may be in need of water. I said yes, but told him we had no money to pay for it ( men in bikes go around our estates selling water for 30/= for a jerrican of 20 liters ) In our house, we had only 10/= that morning. The man exclaimed, “Am looking for anyone who may require water for free since my bike has broken down right by your gate and I’ve got an appointment to make in 10 minutes time”. We hurriedly emptied the 5 x 20 litres cans into our empty water vessels and were left blessing the Lord’s name for it. (Kenya)

I conducted meeting yesterday with another group of women since i can not meet them all together.the sharing was so wonderful. Some wife received their deliverance fron depression,hatred, self pity etc as they share experiences being a wife. The Holy Spirit lead us in a way they can freely ease their feeling and sentiments etc. Praise God for it. (Middle East)

One of our ladies, Margret, decided to begin with a low-risk situation after our second week, by asking her husband if he would mind praying for her sickly eyes. She has been ailing for some time now and her husband knew, so it was a place for her to give him an opportunity to have a moment of leadership. He’s not a believer, but he didn’t decline. He went ahead and prayed for her and that God would give him finances so he could take care of his “dear wife’s eye treatments and medications.” They have two sons, aged 4 and 2 years, and in eight years of being married, he has never led a prayer. Then, Sunday, he came to our Sunday worship service. I (the pastor) spoke with him a little bit after service and his wife standing beside him was beaming with true joy. He said that for some days he had noticed some ‘changes’ in his wife and at the moment she asked if he would lead in pray it suddenly hit him that she was trusting him as her leader, which she had never done before. Seeing this, plus the prayers for the husband from your book that she had left in an envelope for him each week, had made him decide to come and see where all this was ‘originating’ from. Praise God for him and we trust that more Moments of godly leadership will arise and eventually have him where God had intended him to be in that home. (Kenya)

One woman from the group came to our house this week and was speaking with gladness as to how the Lord is beginning to work in their marriage after just two weeks of class. She told my wife and I how she has begun to see her husband ‘soften up’ as she herself has begun to put the teachings into practice and begun pleasing God rather than previous, her husband. She was speaking of how, on several occasions, she has been creating Moments of Leadership opportunities for her husband. For example, one day, their son came back from school after the schools reopened and had been told not to come until he had the proper uniform. The child explained it to his mom (as usual), and this time, instead of her rushing to go and fulfill her son’s need without consulting her husband whatsoever, she asked her son to hold on until Dad was back home. During dinner, she brought up the issue and asked the son to let Daddy (here Dad is called BABA) know. After the son was done (it was difficult, for the boy had assumed all the time that Mummy was the master of his affairs, not Daddy) Daddy simply replied “Good. I will talk with Mummy and see what we shall do by tomorrow.” Later on, the husband brought forth the issue and went on to suggest a solution. He asked whether it would be all right for him to go by the school himself, or both of them (he had not been given the chance to do so before). The wife agreed after he suggested they go together. The husband saw at least, a chance for him in that home, of being a leader. That may look cheap, but the excitement in this lady’s eyes was a sign that something new was happening in their marriage. (Kenya)

It has been exciting all the time to see and listen to bits of testimonies and praises to our Lord from many of the ladies. Margaret (we and the ladies here call her mama Jimmy – Jimmy here is her son and every woman, as our custom and culture is, is normally referred as by the name of one of her child’s name), is still very praiseful over what the Lord has been doing in her marriage relationship with her husband. She believes that with every bit of prayer she has been putting forth for her husband and for herself before the Lord, she is seeing ‘results’. She says for instance, that her husband, who is still unsaved, has quietly quit and stopped drinking. She has not ‘preached’ to him but by practicing active submission and creation of leadership moments for him has been the result of his change of heart and out ward behavior. I know this man in a little way and since he has attended our Sunday morning church services, I can quite agree with Margaret that there is something new happening in this mans’ life. It has been really wonderful to see the beaming of joy in her face, as she desires to please God in her marriage.

Last week was a great week for our main group and the rest of the study groups here. They all met and as were were sharing the on-goings of the meetings, there seemed to be a great enlightment on the ladies minds and hearts upon the issue of their role in marriage. One lady instance was revisiting the study on chapter 2 (reverse the curse) and wanted to know what would a wife be required to do if for example she got an education sponsorship say in a foreign land away from home. She wanted to know whether one should go for it or leave it. Several answers, in opinions and suggestions were given and then they had peek at chapter 10 (the blessing). With the view of Jane’s question, she seemed to have wanted to know whether studying to take up a job as a wife, to be able to assist in the upkeep of the family would be wrong and in this case, it was agreed that it would not be wrong, so long as this was a matter that had the blessing of the husband.We do an extra job of hammering in the point – pleasing God first, and not yourself or your husband – is the key to a great relationship in marriage. (Kenya)

! Isn’t it sweet and wonderful just to see the excitement and desire to have transformed marriages; the attendance, punctuality and the short, simple testimonies that are in the lips of the ladies who’ve been coming to these studies just tell it all. (Kenya)

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