Coming to Cypress, TX February 10, 2018 – “Helping Others Biblically”

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Coming to Houston February 10, 2018

“Helping Others Biblically” –  is a one-day Master class in Cypress, TX that will teach you how to help others biblically by looking at the differences between biblically based counseling and psychological counseling, explore the history of biblical counseling, discuss the nine different ways of responding to problems, demonstrate the importance of getting to underlying heart issues and how to identify those issues, share the role of counseling in evangelism and discipleship, and role play some actual situations/cases. Open to ministry leaders, school counselors, Christian counselors, laypersons, and anyone who would like to know how to help hurting people. This class satisfies the prerequisite for the Tier 2 class of counseling observations, the Tier 3 class of counseling practicum, as well as for the Biblical Counseling Certification facilitation and small group class series.

Next Date: Saturday, February 10, 2018
Cost: $45 including lunch. Advance registration required.  
Location: On Spring Cypress near Hwy 249.
Email: kbhaught@godempowered.com with questions or to register.

If you have a group of people interested, I can bring the class to your church. Write for more information.
Here’s what previous class attendees are saying:
“The class was incredible – I took 6 pages of notes! It gave me many resources and instruction on how to talk to people, what to listen for, and how to direct them as they are working through personal and spiritual issues. I highly recommend it, as it will equip you to help others with confidence as you direct them back to Jesus.”

“Really a ‘must have’ for anyone wanting a good foundation of what Biblical Counseling is and how useful it is in helping those in your circle whether ministry or friendships. Can’t wait for next tier! “

“This class gave me the tools not only to help others but to examine my heart and bring it to the point of being subject to God in the first place.”

“I signed up to attend in order that I might help someone else, and quickly came to recognize that there were some very deep-seated idols in my own life I need to address. The workshop was a wonderful day of fellowship, honest and open discussion, and scenarios boiled down to their lowest common denominator to recognize where we are processing things through the lens of self vs. the lens of God.”

“This class is a great blessing! I came looking for a way to help others work through life’s issues based on God’s Word. Not only did I get what I came looking for but I also came away with a much better understanding of how to apply God’s Word to my own life. So very glad I participated. “



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