God Empowered Wife class series starts January 29

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Register now for the new “God Empowered Wife” class series in Cypress, TX starting January 29.

One of the deepest desires of Christian wives around the world is the longing for their husbands to overcome sin and become loving, godly leaders of their families. It’s a yearning made all the more painful as they watch their husbands—so charming or cheerful in public—become more and more withdrawn at home, until they seem more interested in anything but spending quality time with their wives. “The God Empowered Wife” series is a class for strong, independent women who want to understand how they may be hindering the work God wants to do in their husband’s heart.  Through the practical, modern application of biblical principles, wives will learn how to work with God in helping their marriages become more loving and peaceful. The class is lively and fun, full of real life examples, role plays, and laughter.  

Next Date: Every other Monday evening, beginning January 29 to April 2, skipping Spring Break.
Cost: $45 for the whole series (books not required, but will be available for sale)  
Location: On Spring Cypress near Hwy 249 and N. Eldridge, in Cypress, TX.
Email: kbhaught@godempowered.com with questions or to register.

If you would like to bring this class to your church, contact me at the email above.

See what past attendees are saying:


The other night I almost fell out of bed laughing as I read the chapter, “Mirroring.” My name was written all over it. I was just hoping that Bill wouldn’t hear me and ask me why I was laughing. This is our little secret, right? It would spoil my experiment if he knew…Then I started up again as I was reminded of it when Bill asked Joy a question requiring yes or no and she gave him a looong explanation. I shared some of that chapter with her and she about died laughing also. Especially the part about “an hour long tour of my thought.” Better than Erma Bombeck or Barbara Johnson 🙂 A brillian analogy – Windows vs. DOS! It has helped me to visualize closing a few programs. I feel sorry for those poor people who don’t understand the computer lingo!

Your book is just so good, Karen. I has really shown me how I am. I guess I overlooked something in our conversation the other night – there is tension in our marriage and most of it is because of me. Thank you for listening and helping me!

The women in our Small Group class love your Wed. night study, but not more than the men whose wives attend! 

The Work God has started thru you is awesome, after the last year half-a day meeting, I had passed on the four key points to two of my friends and they also said, they had seen benefits by applying in their families. I’m sure, this is the need of the hour not only in US but also in India. 

Today a friend showed me your book, and it looks fabulous!  Am going to order it to read right away.  I also direct the women’s ministry at our church; and this topic would be a big hit.    

First, it was a pleasure visiting with you last week.  Also, between  Ph.D. dissertation and running a counseling organization, I’ve been reading through your book. Its FANTASTIC.  Its also a VERY fresh voice in biblical counseling.

I just want to express to you how impacting this truth was in my life. God used you to impart wisdom that opened the doors to my understanding of how to handle the call He placed on me and where and why I have been struggling (mishandling it) a times.  

Before I read your book it seems as though we were traveling in a circle that always ended where we started. The arguing, accusations, bitterness and anger. When I started reading The God Empowered Wife I went wow…the things I thought that I was doing right were all wrong. But, now I’m headed in the right direction. I’m headed towards seeking God for His perfect will for my life. Since I’ve read your book and applied it to my marriage and  I have seen God move. Though they are small steps there is movement. I can truly say that I am a new creature in Christ.

I received a copy of your book from my grandmother for Christmas and it has already  (in just a couple of weeks) changed my life, my marriage and my relationship with the Lord. I can not even begin to thank you for sharing your wisdom. I enjoy each day with my husband and am very encouraged to grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord. And my husband has really stepped into his role as a leader lately. I am so encouraged at what God\’s word can do! Thank you!!!!!

I have two more chapters to go and interesting things are occurring. My husband is reaching for me more and making changes that I had given up on.

I finished the book this morning and cried during the last couple of pages. This book is of the Lord.  No doubt He guided you to write each word because it was constantly touching my heart and it wasn’t with just “feel good” words but great challenges too.  

I wanted to tell you “THANK YOU!” You spoke to my heart and my situation with such biblical correctness and honesty that I wish I had talked to you many years ago. The situation you talked about (having a spouse who committed adultery) was me. And as you were talking about having so much anger, hurt, and wanting him to repay me in some way for the wrong he did to me; that had become my idol without me even realizing it. Along with these all I wanted was for him to be a Godly man and then I would be happy and everything would be the way “it was supposed to be.” Writing this right now I realize how ridiculous it sounds and how much I had made that into an idol as well and realize how many years I have wasted trying to find my happiness in other things or people instead of HIM. I have begun reading your book and it is wonderful – thank you for writing it and coming to speak.  

I am so thankful that the Lord allowed me to meet you this year!  You have definitely grown me in knowledge that He is sovereign, and all is rubbish outside of knowing Him and wanting what He wants.  I am not saying that I don’t battle fear, or that I have gained this power to see everyone the way Christ does, but I do know that He is faithful, and when I can’t feel Him, He is still working…esp. when I trust. Imagine that.

….I just had to drop you a quick note and say that I LOVE YOUR BOOK!!! I’m trying not to allow it to control my family time this weekend because after reading a couple of chapters I have really had the desire to hide with it in a closet and read!!!! I have already cried a few tears thinking, “Father, this it!!!! You have just brought this woman into my life that I can identify with.”

Your book is the one I’ve always wanted to write but obviously the Lord called you to do it because you say it so perfectly.  The book is going to break many into a life of freedom.  No doubt God has anointed you.  It’s already changed my life. Karen, your ministry could help so many in Bible study groups. Now, I need to stop emailing and go read another chapter of your book!!!!  

     I spoke with a few women at my lifegroup on Wednesday about the biblical concepts you presented, and had a terrific response.  Each of these women had gone through experiences in their walk with God in which they questioned why they were growing, but their husbands weren’t. 

I’ve always been such a strong and independent woman.  I can relate so much to understanding that my husband loves my strength, but also have seen how much he’s been withdrawing.  Your book is very good with giving details and specifics on things that many women understand and discuss theoretically.

All week, I have been practicing a lot of the simple things you teach. I had been praying for him, but also had my own concerns because I could see (he also told me) that he was feeling spiritually lost.  But this week, I saw many concrete changes in him, just from low-risk changes on my part, that let God do His work in his heart. 

I just wanted to thank you for speaking with us.  It was inspiring, informational and convicting.  I really enjoyed your no nonsense approach and your great ideas! 







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