Giving From The Heart

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September 21, 2012
[Your Letters, Parenting]

Karen, From studying with you, I’ve learned that in the past I have been too distracted by simply correcting outward behaviors of my children, and these days I am focusing more and more on my kids heart; I don’t want to BE their Holy Spirit but help make them more aware of what the Spirit might be saying to them. So the other day my nine year old came to me to tell me that they need to fill a shoe box with stationary and things to send to a child in a impoverished country. The teacher had encouraged them to also donate a toy of their own to include in the box.

When Marcus asked me what he should donate I told him to “give something that showed his heart”. When he brought me the box later I opened it up and saw a matchbox car in there. To be honest I felt a little disappointed; he has tonnes of these cars and it didn’t seem to me like much of a sacrifice.
I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to him but when I looked up he had tears in his eyes and said to me “you asked me to give from my heart, and this hurts my heart because it’s my very favorite car”. It gave me tears! Instead of controlling what he gave (as I would have done in the past) I got to see God working in his heart. Such a blessing!

Karinda xx





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