From Pushing to Praying

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August 10, 2012 [Your Letters]  My husband had a big project deadline coming up at work and it was his first big project with this company. He mentioned a few times to me how stressed he was, and that he was feeling very inadequate, and that’s pretty unusual for my husband (he’s very chilled out most of the time). Normally I would have started throwing out solutions and suggestions (“Have you tried this? What about that? Could you speak to such-and-such and see if they could give you an extension on the timeframe?”), but instead I said “That sounds really stressful. I’ll be praying for God to bless the work of your hands.” and then I offered to pray with him right then . . . Each time it happened (he expressed stress, I offered prayer) he agreed and took my hands but then he took the lead and started praying first! When it was my turn I remembered what you said about just praying that God would bless the work of his hands, and give him wisdom and discernment to make the right choices and look at all the options etc. It ended up going really well for him, and we were praying together morning and night for a few days which was awesome (we’ll usually only pray together two or three times a week). The following week we were lying in bed together reading, and out of the blue he turned to me and started telling me what a great wife I was, and how sweet and supportive I’d been over the last week! It was a real encouragement. – Sharlie



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