From Africa – Letter #2

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August 6, 2012 [from Africa] Greeting Sister Karen, Here are pictures of some of the women from the five churches I am teaching the women (some are combined). We also bring together all the groups for a general seminar in which other outsiders are also invited in order to reach them. The following are some of the testimonies. (names and specific locations have been removed)

Woman 1: The teaching has greatly helped me; I was ignoring my husband because I didn’t think he loved and respected me. I even compared him with a dog. When I received the teaching and applied in my marriage within past 2 weeks I am seeing a big change in my marriage.

Woman 2: I am with my husband but I have given birth with another man, who happens to be my neighbor. My husband is suspicious about the  child, although he has not spoken about it. I am still working for the same neighbor; for the up keep of  our family, since my husband is a jobless man and this pains me dearly, knowing that I am secretly sleeping with him. Since my Husband can’t provide for the family, I was tempted to surrender my body to my boss (From  idol chart test, “I’m willing to sin if———“)

Woman 3 : I have been treating my husband as a lover boy” I never gave him time to lead. I would just go wherever I wanted without his authority and I took everything under my control. Thanks for good teachings.

Woman 4:I am deeply interested to learn more about the book and if possible become a teacher. I have been longing to find someone who can specifically deal with women issues and how to tackle them, as I apply in my marriage I would also like to help my friends, thanks so much, Constance.

Woman 5: I have been living in guilt because of my previous mistakes which I committed privately without the knowledge of my husband. I did it, sexual immorality as a way of justifying the fact that my husband stays away in another city and I am sure he is not faithful as well. He can stay even more than 8 months without coming home. That was why I did it. From the teachings I have learned that I just did it to pleaseSelf not God. I chose what would make me happy. Though I took it upon myself and repented what should I do now? Let my husband know and ask him to forgive me or keep it to myself?  I know God has forgiven me.

Sister Karen, there were a lot of testimonies which I cannot put everything on the paper for now but as the time goes by I will be sharing more. Please share your thoughts on the 2nd and 5th testimonies, as they are very difficult. I have shared your testimony and I know for sure that these women are thirsty for the truth. There is much work and people are very much respectful.

Sweet Love- Constance.

Read more about my sweet friend, Constance, here.



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