Flowers for Elba

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101_1158April 23, 2013 [Your Letters, GEWife, Marriage]
Hi Karen, What a blessing your first class has been to my marriage already! I never thought that I was trying to control my husband with some of my actions. He is much more than I asked God for, but as soon as I started to implement some of the tools that you gave us things have been even better. (Yesterday in class, I understood that by doing some things in my marriage I could bring problems to it). Well, yesterday, after he got home from work I just smiled and started to enjoy his company in every way he decided. After 2h of doing so, we went to the store to get some groceries and he managed to get me distracted so I didn’t notice what he was doing.  When we got back to the car, his jacket was in my seat and he said: ” Babe, do you mind putting my jacket in the back?” For my surprise, under the jacket there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Thank you for letting me help with the Spanish edition of the book–I’m learning so much and my young marriage–that was loving already–is being filled with even more love. Blessings, Elba (Texas)

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