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All classes are taught from a biblical perspective

God Empowered Wife

The number one desire of a Christian woman is for her husband to be a respectful, loving, wise, and godly covering of the family–without having to sacrifice her own strength and intelligence. Learn how to help yoiur husband achieve his potential in these areas, without being a doormat (or a nag).

God Empowered Wife II

What do you do when faced with a crisis or a chronic issue with your husband such as adultery, drinking, pornography, drugs, abuse? This class helps you search God’s Word for biblical truth in these areas.

God Empowered Heart

Your desires and thoughts control and motivate you far more than you even realize. Learn how the mind and heart operate at the deepest level and gain practical, biblical tools for using that knowledge to address the messy realities of life that you have to face outside of church on Sunday.

God Empowered Life

Do you ever feel like you live two lives: one that shines brightly for Christ and the other where your light is hidden under a bushel for fear of losing a job or relationship? Being a light of Christ does not always mean bold evangelism. This class will teach you how to be a gentle living witness in every area of your life, every day (without having to put on a robe and sandals).


The God Empowered® Wife

The Book That Started it All
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