Changing Fast

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June 3, 2012  – [Your Stories -email GEW study group member]  Things are happening so fast and God is moving between us in amazing ways. Even when we talk about difficult issues that we normally would argue over and end up distant, now I listen carefully to his thought and he listens to mine in a fair and balanced way. When I go with what he wants I make sure my heart is purely God-pleasing and not resentful. Just the other day my husband had a really difficult thing he had to tell someone, and I asked if we should pray about it. He responded he had been praying all night because he hadn’t been able to sleep!  THEN…this morning, I noticed he was reading the Bible–something I had only seen him do once in all our years of marriage!! Imagine!

I’ve been practicing giving him “Opportunities for Leadership,” scaling down my conversation to a “Mirroring” level, resisting “I already knew that” responses to his instructions and urges of resentment about his activities. There was one situation he had planned that I wasn’t particularly happy about, but I examined my own heart and the idols there, then took it to God. Lo and behold, the situation resolved itself without me having to say anything!

When we went to a concert yesterday, I was even able to keep from subconsciously pointing out where he should park and instead he asked me if a particular spot was ok! When he went to get us something to drink, I didn’t ask for the tickets and go ahead to our seats like usual, I just waited for him as my head and protector, to come back from the line. Afterward, on the way back to the car I suddenly didn’t feel well and urged him ahead. He brought the car to me. Then, we compared thoughts in a calm, relaxed way that was actual conversation on the way home!! God is so amazing. – Ingrid




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