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Dear Karen, This is a little, somewhat humorous testimony of how God started to show me that this idol of the heart thing from the God Empowered Wife course about God’s Word really works. Although it is seemingly such a minor thing, the experience gave me faith that led to me confessing other idols in my heart and resulted in dramatic changes in other areas of our life. Through this one little thing I gained the confidence to trust God with those other, bigger things and miraculous things have started happening . . .

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Why Wait?

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April 5, 2013 [Your Letters, Sexual Purity] Karen, My husband and I were both virgins when we married at a relatively young age (by today’s standards). I can personally attest to the great confidence that this provides both my husband and I.  That is, that our marriage bed is undefiled and this beautiful intimacy is known only to each of us within the bounds of the marriage.

We have now been married close to 25 years and are still very much in love (ok – I admit he drives me crazy sometimes and sometimes he gets sick of me for a day or two – but we have never faltered or wavered in our deep loyalty and love for each other).  I completely agree that this allows for a more contented view of marriage.  Isn’t it always the way though….that when we follow God’s path it leads to peace and joy and the ability to weather the storms. Read More→


Bully Dad

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December 15, 2012 [Your Letters, Marriage]   Dear Karen, Recently an acquaintance gave me a copy of your book. We had been discussing submission in marriage and I have to say I was greatly opposed it. In my childhood my father ruled (and bullied) and I was determined I would not be ruled by my husband! I also felt submission was not for me as I was a believer and my husband wasn’t. Plus as a choleric personality type I love control and decision making (and wouldn’t easily give it up!) We are approaching our 7th wedding anniversary (I became a believer about 4 years into the marriage) and we are expecting our 2nd child. I have been frustrated and tormented by his lack of interest in God. I have begged and beseeched God to have an encounter with him, I have asked fellow Christians to pray for him all with no result. Read More→


MOPS Surprise

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August 13, 2012 [Your Letters] Someone asked me if I remembered your talk at our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group last year, and I was surprised because I was just thinking about that talk just this morning. Actually, why am I surprised by that? I think about the wisdom you shared quite often and try very hard to incorporate it into my life. I had only recently begun to re-attend Church and sometimes wonder about what I actually do believe and how strong my faith actually is. The most amazing thing about your talk, Karen, was that it helped me to realise that, yes, I do trust in God and his ultimate plan. I may struggle with aspects of  Read More→



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September 5, 2012  [Your Letters]  My husband leaves work with enough time (about 40 minutes) to catch a train and a bus from the city and be home at 5pm on the dot. We decided to eat dinner together with our four-year-old at 5.30pm, so we need all hands on deck at 5pm – one of us cooks dinner, and the other one feeds our 1 year old her dinner and keeps the kids occupied and out of the cook’s hair. If my husband is late, then either dinner will be late (try explaining that to a hungry, grumpy four-year-old) or the baby won’t get fed on time – either way it creates problems and stress for me, as the stay-at-home mum. I also feel that I am entitled to some help at 5pm – I’ve had the kids all day and by the end of it I’m really ready for a break. Read More→

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August  30, 2012  [Your Letters, Marriage] Karen, Prior to beginning this process I felt like a single mother of 4 kids, living in a marriage that “existed” but that wasn’t “living.”  I figured if I just tried harder, achieved more, looked prettier and complained louder, my husband would notice me and help me! Instead he seemed to meet me day after day with criticism and dismissal. The fighting was frequent and loud and there was a constant edge in the air. I seemed to end each day with slumped shoulders and I lived in an abundance of self pity. My prayers to God were very much ones of ‘change my husband! Grant me patience! Take away the pain!’ Read More→


Beauty Secret

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August 11, 2012  [Your Letters, Small Group Stories] We have women and marriages here in our church who will NEVER BE THE SAME!!!  I have story after story to share with you, but wanted you to know that in each of my classes this past session, I had women who told me privately (and one told the whole class!) that they were “all done” with their marriage.  Friends had convinced them to come, but they were not interested, in hearing that THEY were the ones who might need to consider changing (unless it was changing husbands!)   God is so faithful.  One of them was even the one I met with that night about a month ago who was withholding sex from her husband because she felt like God was calling her to do that in order for him to reach her husband! Read More→

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August 10, 2012 [Your Letters]  My husband had a big project deadline coming up at work and it was his first big project with this company. He mentioned a few times to me how stressed he was, and that he was feeling very inadequate, and that’s pretty unusual for my husband (he’s very chilled out most of the time). Normally I would have started throwing out solutions and suggestions (“Have you tried this? What about that? Could you speak to such-and-such and see if they could give you an extension on the timeframe?”), but instead I said “That sounds really stressful. I’ll be praying for God to bless the work of your hands.” and then I offered to pray with him right then . . .  Read More→

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August 7, 2012 [Your Letters]  I don’t think there was ever a time in my life that I doubted God’s existence and I have always had some degree of Faith. I grew up in the Catholic Church, but for a long time had felt that I was missing something and longed for the kind of relationship that my Christian friends seemed to have with God. Read More→


Anger to Joy

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 July 24, 2012 [Your Stories] I want to share some amazing things God is doing in my life. My husband and I were having some issues with our marriage, particularly in sex. Saturday morning I was so so so angry because I want my  husband to change, to realize my needs and fulfill them. I couldn’t see how I could make him understand he should care for what I want or need. I was angry about having to change, having to get out of my comfort zone, having to worry about or care for him. I didn’t say anything though, and when he asked me what was wrong I said, “Nothing.”

We went to the park and it was such a beautiful day. I looked at our daughter playing and thought how beautiful, big, and healthy she is and realized my stupidity. I asked God to forgive me for having such a hard and self-centered heart. I thanked Him for my husband and my family and all the ways He has blessed my life with things I hadn’t even considered important, like a family, and I asked Him to help me. Read More→


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