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Household, ironingMay 10, 2013 [Your Questions, GEWife]
Hi Karen, I am just wondering if I could have a simple explanation of “doormat.” It comes up during the GEWife classes, like *shock horror, we don’t want to be like that* but I am trying to separate being a doormat from being obedient to God and stepping back and letting God change a husband without the wife butting in. What do you perceive a doormat to be and perhaps I can get a handle on it all? I don’t think necessarily allowing your husband to make decisions without you interfering, even with gentle persuasion, is a doormat, even if you don’t like it,which is where I am getting confused. If he’s going to lead, then he has to be allowed to, and allowed to make mistakes under God’s guidance, too. Would appreciate some clarity, thanks! Rochelle (Australia)

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