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      One of the most difficult topics today is the pressing issue of how to love someone whose values contradict our own, and how to respond as Christians. Sometimes that is easy. I can love a drunk without buying him/her a bottle of liquor; love a gossiper, without encouraging her to gossip; love the glutton, without calling gluttony good; love a divorcee, without rejoicing and celebrating divorce; love someone of another faith, without accepting their theology.  Yet, in every generation, there are one or more groups of people who define love as explicitly approving their sin as good or godly, celebrating it with them, or denying our own faith and values. When we go along, we are exhibiting man’s love–not God’s love–in the effort to make ourselves or others feel loved. Overlooking sin is one thing. Calling sin as though it were not is serious business.

We long to be loving AND we long to honor God’s Word; however,  we are becoming increasingly confused by how to do both when they seem to contradict one another. Some argue that because we are by nature hypocrites, we should just love. Others say that because God’s Word is true, we should just honor His Word.  He says to do both–and that is what we must do–but we cannot do it in our own strength.

As in everything else, we must lay our selves before God displaying our desire to love others and our desire to honor His Word and, without knowing how to do that, then go forth and do both by His wisdom and power alone–moment by moment. When we try to anticipate in advance what that looks like we are relying on our own logic and end up falling to one side of the other of the narrow way–either celebrating sin in order to be loving, or being unloving in order to honor God’s Word. The greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart soul and mind. The second is to love one another. So let us ask Jesus to help us be more loving . . . cognizant of our own failings and weakness and hypocrisy…without denying God’s Word. Read More→


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