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June 26, 2012: [Your Stories–From one of my GEW small group members]

As my friend can’t come anymore on Thursday nights with me,  my hubby is picking me up when I am finished because I’m not confident catching the train on my own at that time of the evening. Anyway, this past Thursday evening we had both arranged a time to meet – -however when I walked out the church from GEWife group…..I called to just make sure that he was on his way. He was a little bit huffy on the phone and kept saying… Read More→

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June 23, 2012 –  [Your Stories–from someone God happened to seat next to me on a plane. I very rarely carry a copy of “God Empowered Wife” with me, but as I walked out the door I felt a strong urge to put a copy in my carry-on].  

 Karen, I met you by coincidence on a flight from Perth to Melbourne on Tuesday 13th March, when the airlines assigned me a last minute seat in the middle of the row, next to you.  It was amazing because I had conflicting thoughts about my marriage and was just praying about getting some help. You gave me a copy of your book and I read the first four chapters and did the homework and questions. I felt so close to God. A few days later my husband and I spent some time on vacation with extended family and friends on what has become an annual trip. One day . . . . Read More→


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