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Discerning Idols Cover pic - Version 2 [General News, Idols]

Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to merge your joyful, peaceful, praising faith life with your messy, sometimes frustrating everyday life? Have you ever wished you could help someone who was hurting, by pointing them to God in a way that made a difference? Eight years ago, Discerning Idols was just a chapter in “God Empowered Wife,” but I decided it should be a separate book. Little did I realize it would be a longer one! The first edition was a limited, test run for two conferences, so don’t worry that you somehow missed it. This new, expanded second edition has 60 more pages of the true stories you love so much that make the teaching come to life. With situations ranging from simple challenges of married life to traumatic life crises, depression, even death of a loved one you will get to see how God moves in surprising and miraculous ways in the lives of those whose heart is turned to Him.  Complete with very practical tools to learn how to identify the idols of your heart and help others do the same—all  from a biblical counseling perspective. I love this book, whether on its own or as the perfect companion to the God Empowered Wife. My small groups here got the first copies, and I am officially releasing it at the Hearts at Home conference this weekend. As soon as it is up on the website in a week or two and available on Amazon after that, ‘ll let you know!




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