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dreamstime_m_26254254      Homeschooling has become so popular in our state that most people don’t realize just thirty years ago, parents were being arrested and put in jail for it, and their children taken away. . .  as in Germany today.

In the waning years of the 1980’s, though not a believer yet, I wrote a bill I felt balanced the concerns of  both sides of the issue; and young son in tow, lobbied various state legislators at the capital to bring it to the floor. There was favorable discussion, but that same week, judicial decisions in Texas began to favor homeschooling parents and a bill was no longer necessary.

Now, after almost three decades of parental rights and legalized homeschooling, it is easy to think it could never become illegal again. However, the demand on the left to seize control over what our children think and believe–particularly children of Christian parents–is growing, with some calling Christian education a form of child abuse. The  Fall 2014 implementation of what is called “Common Core” at school districts around the country (45 states) may seem unrelated if your child isn’t in public school, but the next step will be to either require Common Core of homeschoolers, or attempts to shut down homeschooling altogether. I’ve always been amazed at how, when a person’s own party is in power, they think of “the government” as some magical, all-good, all-wise living entity, when it is really nothing more than other human beings who are just as full of sinfulness and foolishness as we ourselves . . . but with power.

Requiring Common Core of homeschooling parents may seem cumbersome but unexceptional. The  problem with this is that the foundational material used in Common Core is based on a worldview completely and wholly at odds with American exceptionalism and Christian values (as you will read below and in other articles.) Interestingly, this update shares that college entrance exams and SAT’s are now being rewritten by a person key to Common Core, in order to reward and test positively for that worldview. Read More→

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[Traditional Marriage, Discrimination, Education] Christian Parent Jailed

This video speaks for itself. 

November 3, 2012 [Anti-Christian, Persecution, Discrimination, Traditional Marriage, Education] If you have been threatened, harassed, or made to feel afraid because of your faith or confidence in traditional marriage, please contact Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance. They want to hear your story, connect you with others who share your deepest beliefs, help with legal and other practical help, and connect you with other Americans of good will  who want to put a stop to the growing persecution of Christians in the USA with regard to traditional marriage.


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