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dreamstime_xs_21425107May 30, 2013 [Your Letters, Discerning Idols]   I chose the name “Changying” for a dear friend from China who now lives in Australia because she is no longer just living, she is “flourishing and luxurious” in her growing understanding of living as one of God’s children. Changying refers to Tracey, who has taken over some of the classes in Australia since I’ve left and whom you’ll meet in another post.

“Dear Karen, I had initially thought that it would just have been a small talk when I met with Tracey, like a daily life chat, since we had not met for a long while. What’s more, I know little of Tracey but I am sure she is one who is trustworthy.  Well, I felt very warm when I saw her passionate smile again that day. Soon after our conversation started, I found that even more passionate is her great love to God. Read More→

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May 2, 2013 [Idols of the Heart, Marriage] 
A God Empowered Wife friend sent me a video testimony published by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Revive Our Hearts. It tells the story of Joy McCain ‘s desire and struggle, breakthrough, separation, and finally reconciliation and restoration to a husband who was a drunk and becoming violent. It demonstrates everything we talk about in our classes, and the ideas in my next book on Idols. I encourage you to visit the Revive Our Hearts site or their channel on YouTube and view more videos to remind you and encourage you that God is faithful when you worship only Him. Joy has also written a book about her journey, and I will be giving away two copies (US residents only). Just be one of the first two people to send me a story in email form about how you have applied what you’ve learned from God Empowered Wife and/or idols of the heart (announced May 4).
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