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Share Button 6, 2013 [Your Letters] This poem was written by a beautiful woman who was in one of my groups in Australia and whose testimony is in the book on Idols I’m finishing up this week. Her daughter was born perfectly healthy, but before her first birthday she contracted an illness that left her like an infant, unable to care for herself, unable to move, unable to speak. The doctors said she would not live, but she did–for over six more years. She and her husband cared for her around the clock, working opposite shifts and everyone questioned why they didn’t just put her in a facility. As she told me, “Karen, it was such hard work but she was such a blessing to us. Read More→


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August 22, 2012 [Depression]  How fast God moves when eyes are opened and a heart is corrected! A woman who three weeks ago today did not want to live is today rejoicing and growing more joyful each day–and free!. Not only is her life restored, her marriage is turning around even though her husband wasn’t with her. Her husband said she is so different and dated it to the day God opened her eyes (though he didn’t know what had happened). I’m not talking salvation. This woman was saved…I am talking about understanding God’s Word. Curious? What I shared with her is in the new book coming very soon, and I hope to include her story. Be sure to add your contact info in the form on the right if you want to receive a notice when it is published this Fall. Read More→


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