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1013016_10200856206161100_2065350714_nJuly 24, 2013 [Reprint from Lindsey Nicole Martinez’s Facebook post last month]  The doctors wanted me to abort my son and try again later. They said he had no reason for life. If he lived past birth it would only be for a few minutes, a few hrs at the most. The doctors said other parents who have a baby with this anencephaly health condition, just go ahead and terminate the baby to save themselves heartache and pain in the future. Even after I said no. They still tried to get me to abort my son, giving me up to 20 weeks to abort. They said there is no hope,I’m sorry. Read More→
Share Button 6, 2013 [Your Letters] This poem was written by a beautiful woman who was in one of my groups in Australia and whose testimony is in the book on Idols I’m finishing up this week. Her daughter was born perfectly healthy, but before her first birthday she contracted an illness that left her like an infant, unable to care for herself, unable to move, unable to speak. The doctors said she would not live, but she did–for over six more years. She and her husband cared for her around the clock, working opposite shifts and everyone questioned why they didn’t just put her in a facility. As she told me, “Karen, it was such hard work but she was such a blessing to us. Read More→

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Tracey (far left) and Graham (far right) with his brother during the months of Graham’s treatments.

June 3, 2013  [Your Letters, Living Faith, Death]  From my friend, Tracey: It was 3 years ago that our friend Dr Bruce Robinson dropped the bomb. What we thought was a shoulder problem was mesothelioma. The cancer you get from asbestos. To make matters worse it was the worst kind. Sarcomitoid mesothelioma, the most aggressive and painful cancer. The pain Graham was feeling in his shoulder was from the cancer entering his chest cavity and breaking some ribs. He was 49 years old. “You have six months to live, palliative care only, you need a miracle.”  The tears flowed from my eyes immediately. I could not stop them. Read More→

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dreamstime_xs_10970576June 12, 2013 [Your Letters, Death, Living Faith] (Another response to “In Death and Life – Tracey’s Story)  I’ve just finished reading Tracey’s story with my tears keeping rolling down and crumbled tissues scattered around me. The hymn of “This is my story, this is my song” went around my ears. I sobbed uncontrollably, blowing my nose from time to time. I’ve never been so emotional.When putting their love story together, I marvelled at their amazing life blessed by God. A godly,fruitful and enlightening marriage. The most touching story I have ever read because it is a truly true story which brings us the most powerful testimony. Read More→

Share Button 9, 2013 [Your Letters, Death, Living Faith] (A response to “In Death and Life – Tracey’s StoryHello Tracey, You may not remember me. I am Marien, from Venezuela. I used to attend Subi Church in Perth from 2009 to 2011 and I followed Graham’s illness from the distance after. With a judgmental heart. I could not understand why that was happening to you guys. I loved Graham’s preaching, so deep, so rich, and I learned a lot from his sermons. To me you looked as the perfect Christian family, and perfect Christian families are not supposed to suffer; that was my thinking at the time. Read More→


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