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219214_10151175356264445_1628392091_oApril 5, 2013 – [Abortion, My Life]
In October, 1978, I found out I was pregnant. Without much thought, I visited a Planned Parenthood facility in Houston, Texas, to get an abortion–thankful I had that “option” because of Roe v. Wade 15 years earlier. The abortion hurt. A lot. Just a “little D&C procedure” I was told. Just elimination of some tissue. A few years later, I remarried and had a son I cherished. I longed to have more children, but scarring in my fallopian tubes, either from the abortion or sexual activity before I was married, caused the fertilized egg to become trapped in one of my fallopian tubes, and burst it. Two years later the same thing happened in the other fallopian tube and all my hopes and dreams for more children were gone. I was now infertile.

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