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12 Weeks

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 August 23, 2013 

I found this beautiful life-size model of a 12 week old infant in the womb, sculpted by Donna Lee (,and ordered one for showing and sharing as the opportunity arises to help someone visualize a baby in the womb. When she arrived today, I held her near my belly to get a sense of proportion and remembering being pregnant (the time I had an abortion and the time I had my son), I marveled at this miracle of God, of one human being inside another. [there is no further text, but to comment click “Read More” below]

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August 17, 2013 [My Life, Abortion] Meet my friend’s grandson, Jack, born 3 months early, weighing a hair over two pounds. It is impossible to fathom that there are still people today who say a child is only a child when he is wanted, and unless he is wanted he is just tissue that can be destroyed. Jack is blessed to be loved, but doesn’t even a person who isn’t loved have a right to live?  I would so appreciate it if you would say a prayer for Jack tonight, and for his parents and grandparents who are praying for him, too. (Click “more” for five month update!) Read More→

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1013016_10200856206161100_2065350714_nJuly 24, 2013 [Reprint from Lindsey Nicole Martinez’s Facebook post last month]  The doctors wanted me to abort my son and try again later. They said he had no reason for life. If he lived past birth it would only be for a few minutes, a few hrs at the most. The doctors said other parents who have a baby with this anencephaly health condition, just go ahead and terminate the baby to save themselves heartache and pain in the future. Even after I said no. They still tried to get me to abort my son, giving me up to 20 weeks to abort. They said there is no hope,I’m sorry. Read More→

Life Defined

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IMG_0909June 1, 2013 [Abortion]   Pro-choice people are not thinking about life as defined by a scientist (I know, I was a pro-choice person long ago). They call Kate’s baby, a “baby” for the sole reason that she wants the child to live–therefore they want the child to live.

If a pro-choice woman who wants to get pregnant is successful, she even calls her own child a baby before it is born. If, when I had an abortion three decades ago, I had changed my mind on the steps of Planned Parenthood and turned around, I would have–at that moment–began calling the life in my womb a baby. Read More→

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Screen-Shot-2013-05-21-at-4.52.34-PMMay 22, 2013 [Abortion, Legislation]  (from an article by Breeanne Howe, titled “Democrats Fight Against Lies Told Women”)  According to The Hill, Democrats in the House and Senate are looking to stop what they say are deceptive advertising practices by anti-abortion health clinics that imply they offer abortion services, but instead encourage birth and promote adoption. Read More→

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May 18, 2013 [Abortion] In the state of New York, abortion is legal up until the 24th week of pregnancy. 41% of pregnancies in New York City end in abortion. In the Bronx, a baby is as likely to be aborted as born. Below is an actual transcript from a woman undercover at just over 23 weeks visiting an abortion center. In case you were wondering, here is what a baby at 23 weeks looks like. Read on after watching.

Actual Transcript, Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center 560 SOUTHERN BLVD., BRONX, NY (Source

[Clinic]  Do you know how far along you are at all?
[Woman] They said like 22, 23.
[Clinic] Yeah, you’re 23 weeks Read More→

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Image 2May 13, 2013 [Abortion]   I used to be a pro-choice woman. I used to think that pregnancy involved “just tissue,” and that it wasn’t a baby until some vague and unspecified number of weeks in the future.  I used to think it unkind to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term if she didn’t want to. When I got pregnant early in my first marriage, I immediately went where everyone knew unwanted pregnancy could be easily “taken care of.” If someone had stopped me on the sidewalk of Planned Parenthood that October afternoon in 1978, I would probably not have had that abortion; and in that moment I would have started thinking of “that tissue” as a baby.

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Share Button 18, 2013  [Your Letters, Abortion, Persecution]
Hi, Karen,
Thank you very much for the stories all the way through. I am deeply impressed by the abortion issue, in sadness, as I have got abortion done three times.  It is out of my control, of course. I am pretty sure you know of our “one child” policy.  So, abortion becomes compulsory. Because it is compulsory, I have never thought of its spiritual or emotional consequences. Read More→

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386789_3823961432461_112836592_nApril 11, 2013  [Your Letters, Abortion]
Dear Karen,
I watched the videos of women telling of their experience with abortion. I think that in these videos the women came off as if they were victims rather than the victimizer,as though they had a crime done against them rather than having willfully committed a crime themselves, and many of us know the truth about ourselves. There are many of us who were offered by the clinician in the abortion clinic to see their baby on the ultrasound screen and did so before going through with the abortion. Read More→
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April 5, 2013  [Abortion]

Voddie Baucham, pastor of Grace Family Church in Houston, Texas shares how his mother chose life in a difficult situation. [This video is appropriate for all ages.]



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