The God Empowered Wife Seminar CD

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The God Empowered Wife Seminar CD – NEW!
CD-0810KY (63 min)

includes God Empowered Wife, Quiet Companionship, Idols of the Heart, Sex, “The Sin Line”
This is a one hour condensed version of my four-hour seminar and is a high level overview of The God Empowered Wife, and The God Empowered Wife II, as well as discussions on sex, a husband’s sins, and finances. (Note: This is not an audio version of the book, but an actual seminar which is a condensed version of a four-hour seminar, in turn a condensed version of my 6 week class. This seminar will allow you to hear the underlying foundational teaching of The God Empowered Wife and coincides well at any time during as study of The God Empowered Wife book, and is perfect as a quick refresher later on.

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