The God Empowered Wife Book

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The God Empowered Wife

How Strong Women Can Help Their Husbands Become Godly Leaders
signed by the author
6 x 9 softback book, 230 pages
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$15.95 USD

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One of the deepest desires of Christian women around the world is the longing for their husband to overcome sin and become a loving, godly leader of their family. It’s a yearning made all the more painful when their husbands–so often charming and cheerful in public–become withdrawn at home. The God Empowered Wife is a groundbreaking, revolutionary new teaching especially for strong women who are looking for truly practical modern aplications of biblical principles. This book will make you feel like someone has been looking in on your own life and give you tools to profoundly open the door to God’s blessings on your marriage.

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The God Empowered® Wife

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