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God Empowered Wife $15.95
Also available via Amazon in book and ebook form.
"Dear God, please change my husband!" This book is written to help strong women understand how they can be a godly influence their husband's lives, without sacrificing their strength, creativity, or wisdom. The author, a certified biblical counselor, teaches and speaks on practical applications of biblical principles in honest yet bold, new ways. As one pastor-reviewer wrote, "This is not just another marriage book. I see this struggle so often in marriages - but I've never had a great resource to put into the woman's hand. This is NOT a basic marriage book. This is also not a book that is pushing the old 'shut up and submit and just serve your husband concept. You're going to want to get this it...and get copies to give away to others." Readers write: "It feels like you've been in my living room, watching our marriage!" "Wow--liberating!" "I thought at one point it was actually my own diary!" ("The God Empowered Wife" is also available in Spanish as, "La Esposa en el Poder de Dios")

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La Esposa Fortalecida por Dios
Now Available $15.95.
Will be available in e-book form in 2015.
"¡Querido Dios, por favor, cambia a mi esposo! "Este libro está escrito para ayudar a las mujeres fuertes a entender cómo pueden ser una influencia conforme a la voluntad de Dios para la vida de sus esposo, sin sacrificar su fuerza, creatividad, o su sabiduría. La autora, una Consejera Bíblica Certificada, enseña y habla sobre las aplicaciones prácticas de los principios bíblicos en nuevas formas honestas pero audaces. Como escribió un pastor, " Este no es otro libro más sobre el matrimonio. Veo esta lucha tan a menudo en los matrimonios - pero nunca he tenido un gran recurso para poner en mano de la mujer. Esto NO es un libro de enseñanzas básicas para el matrimonio. Esto tampoco es un libro que está empujando el concepto antiguo de 'cállate y sométete y simplemente sirve a tu esposo'. Usted va a querer tener este libro... leerlo... y obtener copias para regalar a otros". Los lectores escriben: "¡Se siente como si hubieras estado en mi sala, mirando nuestro matrimonio!" "¡Wow - liberador!" "¡Pensé en un momento que era en realidad mi propio diario!" (Also available in English, under the original title, "The God Empowered Wife: How Strong Women Can Help Their Husbands Become Godly Leaders" (2008).

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Idols Chart $4.95
This is an 8.5" x 11" laminated reference card that is useful in coordination with "Discerning Idols: Having a God Empowered Heart." It includes the Idols Chart, basic Idols Test questions and notes.

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The God Empowered® Wife

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